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Cette année, l’ICAA débloque 5M € de plus pour les projets de films


- Le Ministère de la Culture dédie 40 millions d’euros d’aides à la production de longs-métrages. 35 projets en ont bénéficié, dont 35% sont réalisés par des femmes

Cette année, l’ICAA débloque 5M € de plus pour les projets de films
Robot Dreams de Pablo Berger, qui a obtenu une aide de 1,2M €

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In early December, Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sport published a resolution setting out this year’s round of general production grants, awarded to films that are currently in development. The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) has earmarked a total of €40,000,000 in 2020: €5 million more than in 2019. What’s more, 35.5% of the funding will go to projects directed by women, comfortably exceeding the new target introduced this year (20%). Five animated films will share 17.1% of the grant money available, again overshooting the ICAA’s target of 8%.

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Note also that 18 of the selected projects will be co-produced with international partners: 12 European, five Latin American and one Chinese. Twelve of the projects are to be directed by women, including one animated film, nine are based on a script by female writers, 22 have appointed women to the senior production team and 35 have at least 40% women on their crew. For all selected projects, women are represented in at least one of these categories, while eight are being written and directed by an all-female team.

Among the titles awarded a grant of €1,200,000 — which, unless stated otherwise, will be released to the project’s AIE (Economic Interest Group) — are Robot Dreams, an animated fantasy film directed by Pablo Berger and produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures, S.L.; Dragonkeeper, by Salvador Simó; 21 prisioneras (Mr. Miyagi Films, S.L.), by Elena Ruíz; Maixabel, by Icíar Bollaín; Irati, by Paul Urkijo; Objetos, a thriller from Jorge Dorado; Lobo feroz, by Gustavo Hernández; La casa entre los cactus, by Carlota González-Adrio; De Caperucita a loba en solo seis tíos, by Marta González de la Vega; El refugio, by Macarena Astorga; Idiotizadas, the directorial debut from Eva Hache; and A todo tren, by Santiago Segura.

Also in this category are: Moomios, by Juan Jesús García Galocha; El faro (Mr. Miyagi Films S.L.), by Ángeles Hernández; Camera Café - La película, the debut film from comedian Ernesto Sevilla; El comensal, by Ángeles González Sinde; Historias para no contar, by Cesc Gay; Las leyes de la frontera, by Daniel Monzón; Un novio para mi mujer, by Laura Maña; and De perdidos al río (Pecado Films, S.L.), by Joaquín Mazón.

And finally: Mamá está en tinder, by Daniela Fejerman; Tin & Tina, by Rubin Stein; El viaje, by Álex de la Iglesia; El viaje de Hamida y Vuelta, by Emilio Martínez Lázaro; Tadeo Jones 3. La maldición de la momia, by Enrique Gato; Un año, una noche, by Isaki Lacuesta; Proyecto Emperador, by Jorge Coira; Alegría, by Violeta Salama; La vida padre (Mod Producciones), by Joaquín Mazón; and Madres paralelas, by Pedro Almodóvar.

Meanwhile, Los héroes del barrio by Molina Encinas will receive €1 million, Asedio, by Miguel Ángel Vivas, €109,720; La maniobra de la tortuga, by Juan Miguel del Castillo, €927,669; Poliamor para principiantes, a comedy directed by Fernando Colomo, €1,142,609; and Girasoles silvestres (A Contracorriente Films), by Jaime Rosales, €900,000.

For further details (in Spanish), click here.

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