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ANTALYA 2021 Antalya Film Forum / Prix

Le 8e Antalya Film Forum annonce ses gagnants


- L’événement, un des plus importants de Turquie pour l’industrie du film, organisé cette année en ligne, a primé 14 projets dans ses cinq sections, pour un total de 45 000€

Le 8e Antalya Film Forum annonce ses gagnants
La réalisatrice Sefa Öztürk et la productrice Ekin Çalışır recevant le prix du meilleur pitch pour un long-métrage pour A Smile Worthwhile

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The Antalya Film Forum has wrapped its eighth edition by handing out awards to the participating projects across its five different platforms, with the financial support it provided totalling over 455,000 TL (€45,000) along with in-kind prizes. Running for three days, from 4-6 October, entirely online, the industry event of the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is headed up by Müge Özen and Pınar Evrenosoğlu.

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A total of 26 projects participated in this year’s edition of the Antalya Film Forum (see the news). Starting with the Feature Film Pitching session, the jury split the prize, totalling 60,000 TL (€6,000), between two projects: A Smile Worthwhile, the sophomore outing by Sefa Öztürk (Trust); and Tussifed by debutant Doğu Yaşar Akal, the co-writer of Onur Saylak’s More [+lire aussi :
fiche film
. The Film Standartları Post-Production Award went to Sertaç Koyuncu’s Peer Through the Skin, while the newly introduced TRT Feature Films Pitching Platform Award, worth 30,000 TL (€3,000), went to Three Meters, which has Merve Kuş Mataracı attached as the director and co-producer.

In the Feature Works in Progress category, the jury gave the main 80,000 TL (€7,700) award to Suna, directed by Çiğdem Sezgin, a Turkish-Spanish-Bulgarian co-production by the director together with Betül Sezgin, Giovanna Ribes and Christo Bakalov. The Features Work-in-Progress Special Jury Award went to Klondike by Maryna Er Gorbach (Omar and Us), which is co-produced by Turkey and Ukraine by the director together with Mehmet Bahadır Er and Sviatoslav Bulakovskyi. Furthermore, the Başka Sinema Distribution and Promotion Award went to Bekir Bülbül’s To Carnations a Song, and the Creative Production Color Correction Award was given to Tulliana by Orçun Köksal.

In the Documentary Works in Progress category, the two winners, which will receive 30,000 TL (€3,000) apiece, were What’s the Name of the Film?, directed and produced by Pınar Fontini (Dream Workers), and A Day, 365 Hours by Eylem Kaftan (Keeping the Bees), which also received the Başka Sinema Distribution Award. Also, Horde by Gürcan Keltek (Meteors [+lire aussi :
interview : Gürcan Keltek
fiche film
) received both the Postbıyık Post-Production Sound Award and the Film Standartları Color Correction Award.

In the Series/Short Series Pitching Platform, the jury picked Barbar, created and produced by Sedat Tanrıkolu and directed by Salih Toprak, as the recipient of the 35,000 TL (€3,500) BluTV Award, and the project also received the Color Up Color Grading Award. The winner of the category’s third gong, the Daire Creative Project Bible Design Award, was Committee of Bad Decisions, created by Ahmet İlker Coşkun and Deniz Bayraktaroğlu, and produced by Hazal Özeren.

Finally, the Sümer Tilmaç Antalya Film Support Fund, which is dedicated to the memory of veteran actor Sümer Tilmaç, and which aims to support projects produced and shot in the region of Antalya, rewarded Love Shop, written, produced and directed by Halit Eke, with 150,000 TL (€14,500) and the Fono Film Post Production Award.

Here is the complete list of winners at the eighth Antalya Film Forum:

Feature Film Pitching

Feature Film Pitching Award
A Smile Worthwhile - Sefa Öztürk; producer: Ekin Çalışır
Tussifed - Doğu Yaşar Akal; producer: Ali Kaan Ege

Film Standartları Post-Production Award
Peer Through the Skin - Sertaç Koyuncu; producer: Diler Ercan

TRT Feature Films Pitching Platform Award
Three Meters - Merve Kuş Mataracı; producers: Merve Kuş Mataracı, Koray Kefal

Feature Works in Progress

Feature Works in Progress Award
Suna - Çiğdem Sezgin; producers: Betül Sezgin, Çiğdem Sezgin, Giovanna Ribes, Christo Bakalov (Turkey/Spain/Bulgaria)

Feature Works in Progress Special Jury Award
Klondike - Maryna Er Gorbach; producers: Mehmet Bahadır Er, Sviatoslav Bulakovskyi, Maryna Er Gorbach (Turkey/Ukraine)

Başka Sinema Distribution and Promotion Award
To Carnations a Song - Bekir Bülbül; producer: Halil Kardaş

Creative Production Color Correction Award
Tulliana - Orçun Köksal; producers: Alara Hamamcıoğlu, Sinan Kesova, Arda Çiltepe

Documentary Works in Progress

Documentary Works in Progress Award
What’s the Name of the Film? - Pınar Fontini
A Day, 365 Hours - Eylem Kaftan; producers: Zeynep Koray, Lynette Fortune, Eylem Kaftan (Turkey/Canada)

Postbıyık Sound Post Production Award
Horde - Gürcan Keltek; producers: Gürcan Keltek, Marc van Goethem, Arda Çiltepe (Turkey/Netherlands)

Film Standartları Color Correction Award
Horde - Gürcan Keltek

Başka Sinema Distribution Award
A Day, 365 Hours - Eylem Kaftan

Series/Short Series Pitching Platform

BluTV Award
Creator, producer: Sedat Tanrıkolu
Director: Salih Toprak

Color Up Color Grading Award

Daire Creative Project Bible Design Award
Committee of Bad Decisions
Creators: Ahmet İlker Coşkun, Deniz Bayraktaroğlu
Director: Ahmet İlker Coşkun
Producer: Hazal Özeren

Sümer Tilmaç Antalya Film Support Fund
Love Shop - Halit Eke

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