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REPORT : Series Hub 2022


- La plateforme Filmarket Hub entame un nouveau programme d’accélération de séries à l'adresse des talents espagnols émergents qui se prolongera jusqu’au 13 janvier 2023

REPORT : Series Hub 2022

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

A few days ago the Filmarket Hub platform announced the titles participating in the first Series Hub, a new project acceleration programme for emerging talents that began on 7 October and will end on 13 January. The selected titles will attend masterclasses, workshops and tutorials, as well as networking events to develop essential strategies for their projects.

Filmarket Hub is an international online marketplace that connects film and television projects in development with companies in the audiovisual industry: production companies, studios, TV channels, streaming platforms, sales agencies and distributors. It is a platform that gives visibility to emerging talent and promotes agreements to produce new projects.

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The projects:

Created and written by Héctor Fernández and Miguel Pérez
Director: Ana Asensio
Production: Blooper Media
The series, directed by Ana Asensio (Most Beautiful Island [+lire aussi :
interview : Ana Asensio
fiche film
), focuses on Sofía, a
successful young woman who hits a rough patch and decides to return to her family home, in a seaside town. On the first night, after accidentally running over a man, she decides to steal a bag of money and not help him. At which point, a race for survival begins.

Luces rojas
Created and written by Alberto Gastesi and Alex Merino
Production: Alejandra Arróspide (Vidania Films)
When the husband who abandoned her eight years ago reappears in her life in a catatonic state after suffering a stroke, Elena will have to rally her family to cope. But her children Paúl (an aspiring writer with an air of superiority) and Lucía (a psychologist unable to cope with the emotional burden of her own life) are not the best people to help her embark on this new stage in life.

No hay tres sin cuatro
Created and written by Camila Montaldo
Production: The South Project
Pancha and Lucas are a couple who started to explore the world of polyamory. Years later this path led them to meet Ale, with whom they fell in love and joined the couple. They were three for a while, until Lucas met Felix and had his first homosexual encounter. The chemistry between the four of them was instant... until Lucas' father came to visit them.

Por los míos
Created by Dembo Diaby and Isabel Pastor
Original idea by Dembo Diaby
Directed by Jiajie Yu Yan and Santiago Zannou
Production: Marina Padró and Daniel Padró (Rodar y Rodar)
The series, directed by Jiajie Yu Yan and Santiago Zannou (El truco del manco, Alacrán enamorado [+lire aussi :
fiche film
), depicts a group of young second-generation immigrants coping as best they can with the life they have been forced to live. During the series, questions are raised about their identity, who they want to be, how society perceives them, their relationships with friends and family, as well as the liberation they experience through music, drugs and sex.

Created and written by Rodrigo Martín Antoranz and Pedro García Ríos
Production: César Martínez (Dexiderius Producciones Audiovisuales)
At the end of the summer of 1996, four children from a village in Navarra decide to go into an abandoned mine in search of adventure. There they discover a businessman kidnapped by the terrorist group ETA in a hideout. The man's life depends on a group of kids forced to make a decision they are not prepared for, shaking their unbreakable friendship.

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