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CPH:DOX 2023 CPH:DOX Industry

CPH:CONFERENCE a "Le futur au bout des doigts"


- Ce segment du volet industrie de CPH:DOX se compose de rencontres avec les réalisateurs, les producteurs, les décideurs et les organisations qui envisagent le futur du monde du documentaire

CPH:CONFERENCE a "Le futur au bout des doigts"
Une édition précédente de CPH:CONFERENCE

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Running from 20-24 March in Copenhagen, CPH:CONFERENCE is one of CPH:DOX’s industry programmes, which this year unspools under the banner “Business as Unusual”. The event will be open to all accredited guests as well as the public, and it is presented in partnership with the European training initiative Documentary Campus.

This year’s edition aims to gather together the international non-fiction community to collectively envision the future of the industry, and discover and unlock the currently available resources, possible solutions and transformative potential of the industry of tomorrow under the theme “Future at Our Fingertips”.

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The mornings will be dedicated to the art of filmmaking – and the creative challenges it brings. The programme will feature a series of conversations with award-winning filmmakers, such as Oscar winners Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Asif Kapadia, and Oscar nominees Jessica Kingdon, Maite Alberdi and Jialing Zhang. In various formats, the filmmakers will walk the audience through their most recent movies, and discuss how they negotiated access, developed deep intimacy and maintained the security of vulnerable characters in their films, in order to create a powerful, cinematic language for nuanced, complicated stories.

Under the aforementioned main theme of the event, “Future at Our Fingertips”, the afternoon programmes will bring together producers and gatekeepers of the non-fiction world to collectively envision a positive future for the industry. Hinging on core questions of inclusivity, freedom and sustainability of the documentary as an art form, the programme will feature keynote speeches, case studies and panel discussions involving representatives of key commercial entities, such as Netflix, Amazon and Concordia Studios; public broadcasters and institutions, such as the United Nations; and philanthropic organisations including the Open Society Foundation, IRIS and many others.

The last day, focused on “Film for Democracy”, is dedicated to the role of film and filmmakers in society. Prominent directors such as Margreth Olin, Elwira Niewiera and Nanfu Wang will join their fellow citizens, civil society leaders, visionaries and thinkers to collectively brainstorm the possibilities of cinema in helping to build and strengthen democracy, freedom and equality.

Donata von Perfall, director of Documentary Campus, mentioned: “We are excited to provide a forward-looking platform that brings together diverse, creative voices and visionaries from the documentary filmmaking world with other forward thinkers to exchange ideas, network and create meaningful partnerships.”

Tereza Simikova, head of Industry and Training at CPH:DOX, also added: “We are proud that CPH:CONFERENCE is also a place for tangible work. The DocuMentality initiative will further their research, our partners at International Media Support are organising a think tank on fair co-production, whereas the Global Impact Producers Association is gathering to support impact production around the world. It is important for CPH:CONFERENCE not only to discuss, but also to facilitate, a real, positive change.”

The CPH:CONFERENCE programme is available to peruse here.

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