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COTTBUS 2023 Connecting Cottbus

connecting cottbus annonce sa sélection de projets


- La liste comprend les prochains films de Damian Kocur, Vesela Kazakova, Filip Heraković, Szilárd Bernáth, Ignas Jonynas, Keko Chelidze et Simon Mozgovyi

connecting cottbus annonce sa sélection de projets
Le réalisateur Damian Kocur, qui participe avec La Manche (© La Biennale di Venezia/Foto ASAC/G. Zucchiatti)

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The connecting cottbus (coco) East-West co-production market has announced the projects selected for its 25th-anniversary edition, set to run from 8-10 November. Since coco’s inception in 1999, well over half of the projects presented have been completed, and almost 70% of those have had an A-list festival premiere.

The feature-film projects that will be pitched at coco 2023 come from 15 countries in wider Eastern Europe. The selection of projects in development (cocoPITCH) features debuts by up-and-coming directors as well as new work by established filmmakers, such as Poland's Damian Kocur (qualified based on winning the Best Director Award for Bread and Salt [+lire aussi :
interview : Damian Kocur
fiche film
at last year's festival), Bulgaria's Vesela Kazakova (Cat in the Wall [+lire aussi :
interview : Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
fiche film
), Croatia's Filip Heraković (Pelican [+lire aussi :
interview : Filip Heraković
fiche film
) and Hungary's Szilárd Bernáth (Larry).

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The varied selection mixes magical realism, political allegory, drama and dramedy, where protagonists struggle with their family history and personal identity, and have to navigate a profoundly changed status quo around them. Main characters range from control freaks to Uber drivers, a deaf-blind couple and a supposedly gay altar boy.

This year’s cocoWIP selection of works in progress comprises intimate stories about female coming of age and trauma. Dystopian sci-fi can be found alongside a deadpan slacker comedy and a suspenseful smuggling thriller. Among the projects are the new films by Lithuania's Ignas Jonynas (Invisible [+lire aussi :
interview : Ignas Jonynas et Kristupas…
fiche film
, The Gambler [+lire aussi :
interview : Ignas Jonynas
fiche film
), Georgia's Keko Chelidze (Dead Souls’ Vacation) and Ukraine's Simon Mozgovyi (Salt from Bonneville [+lire aussi :
fiche film

Producers, sales agents, commissioning editors and other industry representatives active in East-West European co-production can apply to attend without a project until 6 October.

Here is the full list of coco 2023 projects:

cocoPITCH projects

A Leg - Shokir Kholikov (Kazakhstan)
Producer: Aigerim Satybaldy
Production company: A Films

At Your Service - German Golub (Estonia)
Producers: Evelin Penttilä, Johanna Maria Paulson
Production company: Stellar Film

Ballad of the Skeleton - Murat Uğurlu (Turkey)
Producer: Ilgım Coşar
Production companies: Rubikon Film, Monday Film

Excavators - Argyro Nicolaou (Cyprus/USA) - MIDPOINT - coco Award (MIDPOINT Feature Launch)
Producers: Constantinos Nikiforou, Minos Papas 
Production companies: Caretta Films; Cyprian Films, New York

Honeymoon - Zhanna Ozirna (Ukraine)
Producer: Dmytro Sukhanov 
Production company: Toy Cinema

La Manche - Damian Kocur (Poland) - Special Pitch Award FilmFestival Cottbus
Producers: Anna Gawlita, Marta Szymanowska 
Production company: Kijora Film

MATHER - Anguelina Rangelova, Vesela Kazakova (Bulgaria)
Producers: Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova, Ivelina Pavlova
Production companies: Activist 38, Doni Mont

My World Upside Down - Daniel Rihák (Slovakia/Germany)
Producers: Martina Saková, Daniel Rihák
Production companies: WHAT IF Films, Projector23

Night Waves - Filip Heraković (Croatia)
Producers: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković 
Production company: Wolfgang & Dolly

PYRRHIC - Cosmin Nicolae (Romania) - Transilvania Pitch Stop - coco Award
Producers: Velvet Moraru, Ioana Moraru
Production company: Icon Production

Resonance - Yordan Petkov (Bulgaria/Greece)
Producers: Vanya Rainova, Victoria Mitreva, Rossitsa Valkanova, Mina Dreki
Production companies: Portokal, Garti Films, Klas Film, Marni Films

Tactile Universe - Szilárd Bernáth (Hungary)
Producer: András Muhi
Production company: FocusFox

The Fourth Way - Sasha Kulak (Germany/Uzbekistan/France)
Producers: Julia Shaginurova, Louis Beaudemont
Production companies: Einbahnstraße Productions, SESTRA Films, Les Steppes Productions

cocoWIP projects

Borderwall - Ignas Jonynas (Lithuania)
Producer: Ruta Adelė Jekentaitė
Production company: Baltic Productions

Chrysanthemum Day - Simon Mozgovyi (Ukraine/Netherlands)
Producers: Daryna Zakharova, Artem Koliubaiev, Alex Chepiga, Annemiek van der Hell
Production companies: Mainstream Pictures, Windmill Film

Ink Wash - Sarra Tsorakidis (Romania/Greece)
Producers: Anca Puiu, Nikos Moustakas
Production companies: Mandragora, Bad Crowd

No More - Keko Chelidze, Kote Kalandadze (Georgia)
Producer: Elene Margvelashvili
Production company: Parachute Films

On the Water Surface - Zeynep Köprülü (Turkey/Germany)
Producers: Utku Zeka, Okan Üzey, Paulina Toenne
Production companies: Periferi Film, Kalavara Film, Tamtam Film

Wet Monday - Justyna Mytnik (Poland/Czech Republic/Estonia)
Producers: Marta Gmosińska, Jakub Kostal, Marianne Ostrat
Production companies: Lava Films, Bionaut, Aleksandra Film

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