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Málaga Work in Progress présente 15 films au stade de la post-production


- Ces films, qui proviennent de six pays différents, concourront pour les prix proposés à ce rendez-vous qui fait partie du volet industrie MAFIZ du Festival de Malaga

Málaga Work in Progress présente 15 films au stade de la post-production
Bailar la muerte de Luis E. Parés

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The seventh Malaga Work in Progress, the industry section of the 27th Malaga Festival MAFIZ (Malaga Festival Industry Zone) aimed at Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American films, has selected fifteen titles in post-production. The films will be presented to an audience of accredited professionals at Malaga Festival (sales agents, festival programmers, international funds and producers) to support their completion and encourage their international distribution and promotion. The filmmakers will have the opportunity to defend their films in a pitch after the screening and to make appointments with potential partners (projects listed at the end).

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The Malaga WIP Spain and Malaga WIP Latin America juries will decide the winners of the Malaga Festival Award, with a prize of 5,000 euros for an Ibero-American project and 5,000 euros for a Spanish project. Sandra Gugliotta, director and producer (Argentina), Liz Lobato, director and actress (Spain), and Gabriela Sandoval, director of SANFIC Industria (Chile), will choose the winning Spanish production. While Paula Astorga, director of DocsLisboa (Portugal), Javier Larena, delegate for film and telefilm acquisitions at RTVE (Spain), and Ilda Santiago, director of the Rio Festival (Brazil), will choose the Ibero-American production.

New this year, Malaga Festival has created the Malaga with… label, a works in progress exhibition programme, which is organised jointly with the industry area of Latin American festivals. The initiative kicks off with a collaboration with FICVIÑA (Viña del Mar International Film Festival) and will consist of a session where four feature films in post-production will be screened and presented by their teams. Finally, Paraguay, the guest country at Latin American Focus, will present two films.

The selected projects:

Malaga WIP Spain

Dancing With Dead - Luis E Parés
Production: LaCima Producciones

Still Life With Ghosts - Enrique Buleo
Production: Quatre Films, Cuidado con el Perro, Ikki Films

The Aspirant - Juan Gautier Sansalvador
Production: Smiz and Pixel

Jone, Sometimes - Sara Fantova
Production: Escac Studio

Filthy - Bàrbara Mestanza, Marc Pujolar
Production: A Drone Visual Company, Indiana Films

Surfing Einstein - Meritxell Campos Olivé
Production: Tiempo Ideal

Malaga WIP Latin America

Criminal Body - Martín Boulocq (Bolivia)
Production: CQ Films

The Grand Illusion - Sebastián Pereira (Chile/Cuba)
Production: LAWARRIOR Films

Los caminantes de la calle - Juan Martín Hsu (Peru/Argentina)
Production: Protón Cine

Kaye - Juan Cáceres (Chile)
Production: Infractor

I Can’t Have Sex - Belén Gatti (Argentina)
Production: Bel Gatti

A Yard of Jackals - Diego Figueroa (Chile)
Production: Infractor

Suçuarana - Sérgio Borges, Clarissa Campolina (Brazil)
Production: Anavilhana Filmes

Latin American Focus - Guest country Paraguay

Under the Flags, the Sun - Juanjo Pereira (Paraguay)
Production: Ivana Urizar (Cine mío)

Yrén - Tania Cattebeke Laconic (Paraguay)
Production: Pororó Films

Malaga with… - Guest festival FICVIÑA Industry

300 Letters - Lucas Santa Ana (Argentina/United Kingdom)
Production: Matchbox Films/Locodelaltillo

After the Mist - Miriam Heard (Chile/United Kingdom)
Production: -1 cine, Echo art films

The True Story of People in The Dragon - Pablo Green (Chile)
Production: Lanza Verde, Tercer mundo

The Plan - Pablo Stephens (Chile)
Production: Neurofilms

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