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RITS Erasmushogeschool

mis à jour 05/04/2011

Presentation and Philosophy:
RITS is a school for audiovisual and performing arts, founded in 1962, and located in the heart of Brussels. The school is situated in the multicultural capital where cultural diversity and a variety of culture are a source of inspiration and encouragement for the students’ creativity.
RITS is a department of Erasmushogeschool Brussels.
RITS offers a variety of programmes with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in audiovisual and performing arts and techniques. RITS teaches disciplines in directing for film, television, documentary, animation and radio. These 4-year programmes combine a theoretical base with courses in directing skills. The writing department has courses in various forms of writing such as television series, short stories and screenplays. Cinematography, editing, sound and production assistance have a 3-year hands-on programme.

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Number of students/part-time and full-time: 724

Number of teachers and guest tutors: 325

Degree category / length of studies:
3-year Bachelor’s degree in film, television, documentary film, animation film, radio, scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, sound and production assistance, acting and directing for theatre, stage management.
1-year Master’s degree in film, television, documentary film, animation film, radio, scriptwriting, acting and directing for theatre.

Programme objective and content:
Students choose one of the four disciplines in their third year: film, documentary, television or writing. The programme is targeted at the selected discipline. In the Master’s degree, students create a short film, screenplay, documentary or television programme.
In the animation department, students learn to work with the three main animation techniques: 2D, computer and puppet animation. In their final year, they focus on a short animation film chosen in the technique they prefer.
Radio puts emphasis on soundscape, documentary and radio. The department has its own radio station, XL-air, where students train their skills and work together with students from VUB University.
For the three-year programme in cinematography, editing, sound and production assistance a combination of technical skills and creative sensibility is required. The cinematography department teaches through theory, workshops and task-oriented internships. The training focuses on three disciplines: multi-camera, single camera, fiction and non-fiction, with emphasis on formats like video, film and digital cinema.
In the sound department, students create the soundtrack for one or more productions in their final year. Students in the editing department participate in various workshops and projects together with other departments that are organised throughout the year. In the final year, students will edit one or more full end projects ranging from fiction, documentary or television programmes for their Bachelor’s project.
Audiovisual production assistance provides continuity scripts, floor managers, production managers and assistant directors. They are trained both for multi and single-camera productions, fiction and non-fiction, film and television.

Head of school Bert Beyens
Antoine Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 507 14 11

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