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Budapest Film Academy

mis à jour 10/03/2014

Budapest Film Academy

Presentation and philosophy:

Budapest Film Academy (BFA) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have joined forces and launched an English and Hungarian language film academy in September 2011, offering practical film studies to students who would like to become industry professionals.

The aim of the school is to produce a new generation of broad-minded filmmakers who are adept in every aspect of the movie business, including the financial side. Students will be equipped with a strong competitive edge, enabling them to start their careers and to stand their ground, not only in their chosen field, but in other areas of filmmaking.

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Budapest Film Academy’s practical courses compliment ELTE’s internationally respected film curriculum which includes courses that analyze the evolution of cinema as a science and art. Outside of the Budapest Film Academy’s business and practical oriented film program, students can choose from a wide variety of courses from ELTE’s own film division, such as film history, aesthetics and critical studies.

The courses of the Film Academy are held by famous Hungarian and international filmmakers on the ELTE-BTK campus, and the practical part is taught at the Hungarian film industry’s most modern production bases in a professional environment.

The academy’s faculty is ideally made up of highly qualified academic scholars, leading figures and award winners of the film industry, who lend not only their knowledge, but also their networking to students. Furthermore, famous Hungarian and international mentors guide students with their professional experience.

In addition to the joint program of BFA and ELTE, every year the world-famed masters of cinema are invited to teach a special, creative filmmaking workshop.  

BFA-ELTE works closely with higher education institutions abroad, film- and post-production studios, production equipment rental companies, production offices, as well as with international and local distributors.

Great importance is given to the introduction of students to the requirements of the international film industry in order to give them an insight into the different areas of filmmaking. This way, they can choose a professional field according to their individual goals and talent.

Students are also strongly encouraged to socialize and work with each other, as this industry is not just about professionalism and talent, but connections and compromises as well.

Number of students/ full-time/ part-time workshops: around 100 

Number of teachers:

The faculty consists of three groups:

-Foreign lecturers, not available for all semesters.

-Artists still active in filmmaking, therefore not able to teach for extensive periods.

- 33 ELTE professors working full time

Degree category/length of studies:

If the students apply for not only Budapest Film Academy but ELTE as well, they can get a BA (3 years) or MA (2 years) degree. In case they want to be only a Budapest Film Academy student, they get a Budapest Film Academy certificate. One BFA semester means 13 weeks (one academic semester). Each BFA courses has four levels, but it's up to the student, how many levels he/she wants to take.

Programme objective and content:

The academic courses are conducted in English.

The aim is presenting the diverse and multi-faceted process of filmmaking in which the various work areas not only build upon each other, but tie into one complex operation – the film process seen as a whole. The deeper an understanding one gains of the complete system, the more efficient one becomes in one’s chosen area. Theories will be transformed into reality via practical training.

Film as an entertainment business: economic and market factors. A great importance is given to the commercial vision.

Admission and entry requirements:

(Fees, deadlines, credit requirements...)

Deadline for fall semester: beginning of September

Full-time semester fee for fall semester: €4850

For part-time students:

Screenwriting: €952 (€714 for students without ECTS credits)

Directing: €1032 (€774 for students without ECTS credits)

Creative producing/Line producing: €872 (€654 for students without ECTS credits)

Cinematography: €872 (€654 for students without ECTS credits)

Editing/ Sound recording: €792 (€594 for students without ECTS credits)

Film Analysis from the filmmaker’s point of view: €472 (€354 for students without ECTS credits)

School Information:

School address: Múzeum krt. 6-8, 1088 Budapest

Office address: Sík u. 19/b, 1224 Budapest

Telephone: +36-1-355-2223





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