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LUCA School of Arts

mis à jour 08/04/2021

LUCA School of Arts

LUCA School of Arts – Belgium

Presentation & Philosophy

LUCA School of Arts is the only college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and design, making it unique in the region. The art school combines the strengths and expertise of five renowned Flemish higher education institutions for art and architecture spread across Brussels, Ghent and Leuven.

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LUCA is a member of the KU Leuven Association. Catering to over 3,000 students, LUCA offers more than thirty programs in Audiovisual Arts & Techniques, Interior & Product Design, Construction, Music & Drama and Visual Arts & Design. LUCA School of Arts offers both professional and academic bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and advanced master’s degrees. Together with KU Leuven, LUCA also organizes an arts PhD program.

Within the Luca school of Arts, three different campuses focus on the multidisciplinary field of Film and Media Arts. Our students receive comprehensive training in directing, scenario, image, sound, editing and production. They can choose between a 3-yrs professional BA in Film-TV-Video or a MA in Film and Animation.

Programme objective and content for the professional BA-courses

On the Campus Brussels, LUCA School of Arts organizes professional BA-courses in Film, TV and Video and Photography. Narafi was founded in 1939, making it the oldest film and photography school in Belgium. In the space of three years, our Film-TV-Video students become real all-rounders, practised in all the tricks of the filmmaking trade. The course uses a creative and practically oriented approach to tackle both the technical and artistic aspects. Theory courses form the basis of practical workshops. In other words, they act in function of practical assignments.

Programme objective and content for the academic BA and MA in Audiovisual Arts

Students learn how to develop a concept, write a script, direct a film crew, work with actors, and oversee the editing of images and sound... Moreover, they learn the basic technical principles of camera, lighting, image and sound editing. With this knowledge they can manage a team and make films with their own individual stamp.

In the academic programme theoretical subjects are not merely in function of practical assignments. Courses such as Film History, Culture and Media Studies, and Philosophy sharpen the critical mind and bring insight into individual artistic identity.

In the Animation degree, the technical and creative aspects of making an animated film are of equal importance. Students receive basic knowledge of different animation techniques. Drawing skills, recording, editing, sound design and post-production are all covered, as are how to create a scenario and develop a storyboard. In this way, students learn how to develop and realise their own concepts.

Brussels: Sint-Lukas campus

The teaching of art and architecture on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels stretches back more than a hundred years. On this recently renovated campus, young artists and designers can choose from two academic bachelor's degrees and three master's degrees in Fine Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Film, Animation Film and Documentary film.

Genk: C-Mine campus

C-mine offers an excellent framework for art education. C-mine is an inspiring place for creative entrepreneurship and a breeding ground for young, creative talent. Moreover, we create an interesting cross-fertilization with the professional field through collaboration with partners such as C-mine Crib, FabLab, IDE (Innovation & Design Euregio), FLACC and other creative organizations and companies.

Programme objective and content for the master in DOCNOMADS

Erasmus Mundus MA degree on Sint-Lukas campus, Brussels DocNomads is an international two-year master degree in documentary filmmaking. Students come from all over the world to study successively at Lusófona University in Lisbon, the SZFE in Budapest and the LUCA Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels. DocNomads is the only film course in the world supported by Erasmus Mundus. Students can apply for travel and accommodation grants. To guarantee optimal individual tuition, a maximum of 25 students are selected each year.

Number of students in film/animation studies: 330

A research environment

Research and Innovation play a prominent role at LUCA School of Arts. LUCA stimulates and facilitates inspiring research across a wide variety of disciplines, from visual and audiovisual arts to performing arts and design. LUCA collaborates with KU Leuven for its PhD program in the arts, further demonstrating its leading status as a center of excellence for research in the fields of art and design.

An international network

LUCA School of Arts works with many partners, both in Belgium and abroad, including fellow educational institutions, museums and art houses, public authorities, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Students enjoy an immersive artistic and creative environment with numerous symposia and exhibitions, concerts, film and theatre performances and master classes. Many activities also arise from student-led initiatives. All these elements make LUCA what it is today: an intriguing community where creativity flourishes even after classes end.

Admission and entry requirements:

The application procedure varies according to the study programme you wish to enroll for and your profile as a student (degree seeking or exchange student). 

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