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Rapporto industria: Digitale

Cross Video Days a Parigi


- La quarta edizione dei Crossmedia Days organizzata a Parigi il 18 e 19 Giugno affinché i professionisti europei del settore possano conoscersi e costruire reti sociali. Più di 900 professionisti da 24 paesi hanno partecipato ai 2 giorni dedicati ai crossmedia. Cineuropa ha incontrato qualcuno dei nuovi talenti presenti all'evento

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New media are expanding a bit more everyday and with them come about new ways of telling stories. Narration is at a new dawn, while the web is being turned into an interactive audiovisual medium. Content is now meeting with technology. The result: a new media trend known as crossmedia or transmedia where storytelling is undergoing a revolution. In order to develop this technological revolution further an annual event has been created to enable European professionals of the field to meet and network. Organised in Paris for the fourth time, the cross video days were held this year on 18-19 June 2013. Over 900 professionals from 24 countries attended these 2 days dedicated to Crossmedia

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Organisers wanted it to be a convivial event, therefore audience, professionals and project initiators were in constant interaction. Speakers in the organised debates and workshops were responsive to the audience feedback and questions and the IT market as well as the content market represented probably the most social part of the event.

In total 6 conferences/debates with up to five international experts were organised. Topics such as connected TV, new business models, brand content, transmedia storytelling and production were discussed. Since no current debate about the audiovisual sector can avoid the recent cultural situation the question of the cultural exception was hanging in the air. The audience could also participate via Twitter and the debates were streamed live on the Internet.

To get deeper insight into specific topics and to allow a better interaction with the audience, workshops with designated companies were held throughout the day. Innovative and emergent companies such as Ulule, Streameo or Brightcove got the floor to develop the public insight into crowdfunding, media brand development and online video.

Finally the IT and content market, which make of this event the 1st European Cross media market, met a real success. There, content literally met with technology. The IT market was the big novelty of 2013. 13 innovative start-ups in the video industry were to be encouraged while 42 projects, out of the 350 projects received, were to be discovered on the content market. 

Out of those 42 transmedia projects , 20 got the chance to be pitched on stage and thus to attract the attention of potential partners. Cineuropa has met four of these new talents and asked them why they chose for the transmedia. Grozny:Nine cities from Russia (watch the interview here), Cloud Chamber from Denmark (interview), Jean saves Europe from Belgium and Milli from Germany (interview) are the four projects we propose you to discover.

You can still enjoy the pitching of those four projects, the 16 others and the Cross Video Days a whole by watching the free vod of the event.


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