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Rapporto industria: Tendenze del mercato

Le entrate in Europa per i film europei non nazionali sono calate dell'8%


Il nuovo studio pubblicato dall'Osservatorio europeo dell'audiovisivo si basa sui dati del 2019 e copre 48 mercati

Le entrate in Europa per i film europei non nazionali sono calate dell'8%

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Yesterday, the European Audiovisual Observatory released an updated edition of its report The Circulation of European Films in Non-national Markets – Key Figures 2019. In detail, the study, compiled by film analyst Patrizia Simone, examines the volume and theatrical performance of European films in non-national markets. The report, based on 2019 figures and complemented by a five-year data series for the period 2015-2019, covers 48 markets, including 34 European and 14 non-European territories.

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The study's first main finding reveals that the number of European film exports continued to increase in 2019 and an estimated total of 3,954 European films were on theatrical release in at least one non-national market worldwide. This is the largest number of non-national European films on release in the past five years and represents about 51% of the total number of European films tracked to be on release globally.

​Meanwhile, admissions to European export films dwindled in European markets but rose outside of Europe. In 2019, European export films cumulatively sold around 180 million admissions in non-national markets, accounting for 41% of total admissions to European films worldwide (in line with 2018 but significantly below the figures recorded in 2015 and 2017). 86 million of these were generated in non-national markets in Europe (down 8% from 2018). Conversely, outside of Europe, admissions to European export films rose to 94 million tickets in 2019 (up 8 million from 2018), thus accounting for 52% of total export admissions.

While covering the top export markets for European titles, the report points out that interannual growth can be ascribed to a hike in ticket sales for European films in the USA. The American market remains the top export territory for European flicks, with a total of 36.1 million tickets sold (20% of the entire 2019 export), followed by China (20.4 million), Germany (12.2 million), France (11.6 million) and Mexico (11.5 million).

The final key point presented by the study shows that UK and French productions accounted for 37% of export films and 62% of total admissions to European export films. In particular, British films alone accounted for 44% of total non-national admissions to European films worldwide, despite representing only 13% of European exports on release. Conversely, French films (24% of export films on release) accounted for only 18% of global non-national admissions to European films.

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