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Cannes 2019 - Marché du Film

Rapporto industria: Nuovi Media

Media Meets Tech al NEXT del Marché du Film


CANNES 2019: Un summit specializzato ha introdotto start-up innovative e le ha messe in connessione con possibili investitori durante una serie di presentazioni

Media Meets Tech al NEXT del Marché du Film
Il responsabile della programmazione di NEXT, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, e il direttore esecutivo del Marché du Film, Jérôme Paillard, aprono il summit di Media Meets Tech

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After a full programme of events, discussions, summits, content showcases and insightful chats, the Cannes Marché du Film’s NEXT wrapped up its presentations on Tuesday 21 May with the Media Meets Tech summit. Taking place in the jam-packed Palais Conference Room, it gave the audience the chance to discover the best up-and-coming film and media tech innovators and start-ups, as well as possible investors and accelerators that are on the lookout for their next projects to support.

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In his opening remarks, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, head of programming at NEXT, shared his enthusiasm for the event, as he mentioned the importance of innovators and people who are willing to break new ground in both the tech and the media world. This was something that Jérôme Paillard, executive director of Cannes’ Marché du Film, also emphasised, as he mentioned that the participants were people who are making waves in an industry that is changing rapidly.

The first part of the Media Meets Tech event invited 12 European start-ups, represented by their founders and CEOs, to take to the stage and briefly introduce their work during a curated presentation that was moderated by AC Coppens, of The Marketing Catalysts.

The presentation was kicked off by Maria Tanjala, of UK-based blockchain platform Filmchain, which collects, allocates and analyses revenues for film and TV (watch the interview); this was followed by Germany’s aiconix, an AI tool that automatically creates content and was presented by Eugen L Gross. The next start-up was Largo Films from Switzerland, whose Sami Arpa introduced a data-driven tool that offers AI analysis from a script, a rough-cut version or the final cut of a film. From Estonia, Aivar Laan introduced Festivality, a platform that enables festivals and live events to build smarter, customised apps for mobile phones. Meanwhile, Ireland’s usheru helps connect film distributors and promotional partners in order to find audiences for their films, according to Oliver Fegan. The second Estonian start-up, represented by Kristian Kalle, was VideoCV, a professional recruitment platform where employers can view video CVs by potential candidates and applicants, which is open for casting now.

Hamburg-based Ceterai is an AI tool that provides automated diversity analysis of video and audio, focusing on the film and news industries, and it was introduced by Matilda KongBen Johnson explained how his marketing technology company Gruvi helps film industry companies to reach and engage online audiences. Finland’s BCaster is a social-media engine that connects the audience by creating user-generated content, as Tuomo Falck explained. The Distriqt is a German streaming platform that aims to bring targeted entertainment content to female Millennials, according to Charlotte Richter-Kiewning. Sweden’s Playpilot is a free streaming aggregator focused on the Scandinavian market that allows users to scour all VoD services for content in one place, as David Mühle explained. Finally, Leuven-based Tinkerlist is a platform for TV show scriptwriting and was presented by Kurt Victoor.

After the presentation session for the start-ups, the Meet the Media summit invited eight investors and accelerators to introduce themselves and pitch their own companies in order to attract possible partners who are primarily seeking financial support. They were the European Investment BankVRT Sandbox (Belgium), Interlake & MediaTech Hub Potsdam (Germany), Founders Factory (UK), NEXT Media Accelerator (Germany), Superangel VC (Estonia), Media Honeypot (Finland) and the Exit Academy (UK).

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