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Festival / Premi - Polonia

Rapporto industria: Nuovi Media

Papaya Young Creators annuncia i vincitori della sua edizione 2022


La giuria ha assegnato dieci premi, una menzione d'onore e quattro premi speciali in quattro diverse categorie

Papaya Young Creators annuncia i vincitori della sua edizione 2022
I vincitori di Papaya Young Creators 2022

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It’s a wrap for the ninth edition of Papaya Young Creators, a competition that celebrates emerging filmmaking talents aged from 20-35 and willing to explore content creation in new formats, such as branded stories and TikTok stories, along with more traditional formats like music videos and audio series. Papaya’s final awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 22 June at the Norblin Factory in Warsaw’s Wola district. On this occasion, the jury awarded ten prizes, one honourable mention and four special prizes.

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As part of the competition, advertising films were created for brands (including AGH, Amica, DPD, Modivo, Onet, Philips, Play, Porsche and Żabka) and TikTok, alongside music videos and audio series.

The Award for Best Film in the Branded Stories category went to Rosie May Bird Smith for her film Herd Immunity, made for Onet – media platform. The London-based filmmaker was also crowned Best Director. You can watch the film below:

Meanwhile, Hubert Patynowski took home the most honours and awards (four in total) for his music video Gold Shit, which was made for the song “Barbara” by Jansky. Gold Shit was awarded Best Picture in the Music Stories category along with Best Original Idea, as well as snagging two special selection awards from the event’s partners. Watch it below:

The work of Jansky also inspired another award-winning film, Ages, helmed by Joanna Różniak and in receipt of the Award for Best Editing, bestowed upon editor Aleksandra Kasprowicz. Watch it below:

In the TikTok categories, which made their debut this year, the main accolades went to films conveying important, universal messages. Sleeping, a social campaign for Onet’s #nieczekam107lat, directed by Anna Ryń and Monika Dróżdż, was awarded Best Film in the TikTok Branded Stories category. In the TikTok Unique Stories category, the award was given to Kacper Potępski for Otherness, Individuality, Diversity.

Next, there were two award winners in the Audio Stories by Audioteka x Papaya Rocks category. The Award for Best Idea was given to Adrian Dulnik for the script of Detektyw Szarada i Śmietanka Towarzyska RP, and Hanka Dziubińska-Kopka ended up being the recipient of an Honourable Mention for Sprawa Rusałki. For both victors, these awards mean the start of further cooperation with Audioteka.

This year, new production talent was also selected and won an award in the category of the same name. The title went to Maria Wolna and Dobromir Czerski for Latin soap opera, directed by Anna Drozdek for DPD. Besides this, several other special prizes were handed out. In addition to the aforementioned one, Hubert Patynowski also won the MAKonLine: Special Selection and the Heliograph Award for Remarkable Visual Sensitivity in partnership with his cinematographer, Hasenien Dousery. The Panavision Award for Best Cinematography was bestowed upon Ben Holt for Saturday morning, directed by Hanna Pikulska for Żabka. Finally, A significant mistake for AGH received two awards: the ATM System’s Special Selection Award, granted to director Bartłomiej Jakubiak, and the Prize for Best Set Design, which went to Aleksandra Kostulska and Kamila Bukańska.

All of the films made during the Papaya Young Creators competition are available to watch here.

Here is the full list of this year’s award winners:

Best Film – Branded Stories
Herd Immunity - Rosie May Bird

Best Director
Rosie May Bird – Herd Immunity

Best Film – Music Stories
Gold Shit – Hubert Patynowski

Best Original Idea – Music Stories
Gold Shit – Hubert Patynowski

MAKonLine: Special Selection
Gold Shit – Hubert Patynowski

Heliograph Award for Remarkable Visual Sensitivity
Gold Shit – Hubert Patynowski and Hasenien Dousery

Best Editing
Aleksandra Kasprowicz – Ages

Best Film – Tik Tok Branded Stories
Sleeping – Anna Ryń and Monika Dróżdż

Best Film – TikTok Unique Stories
Otherness, Individuality, Diversity - Kacper Potępski

Best Idea – Audio Stories
Adrian Dulnik - Detektyw Szarada i Śmietanka Towarzyska RP

Honourable Mention – Audio Stories
Hanka Dziubińska-Kopka – Sprawa Rusałki

New Production Talent
Maria Wolna and Dobromir Czerski – Latin soap opera

Panavision Award for Best Cinematography
Ben Holt – Saturday morning

ATM System’s Special Selection
A significant mistake – Bartłomiej Jakubiak

Best Set Design
Aleksandra Kostulska and Kamila Bukańska – A significant mistake


(L'articolo continua qui sotto - Inf. pubblicitaria)

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