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Rapporto industria: Parità di genere, diversità e inclusione

EAVE IMPACT esamina le quote di genere e il loro effetto sui meccanismi di finanziamento


Nel sesto episodio della seconda stagione di EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE, i produttori Danny Krausz e Titus Kreyenberg affrontano uno degli argomenti chiave del settore

EAVE IMPACT esamina le quote di genere e il loro effetto sui meccanismi di finanziamento

Questo articolo è disponibile in inglese.

In the sixth episode of the second season of EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE (see the news), managing director, producer and head of the National and International TV & Feature Film Department of DOR FILM Danny Krausz, who is also a professor at the MDW – Vienna, and producer and founder of unafilm Titus Kreyenberg delve into a discussion about one of the key issues in the industry: how gender affects the financing and production of films.

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Agreeing that the idea behind a gender quota is entirely justified, as 80% of funds go to projects by men, the two experts try to get to the root of the problem and ask why there are fewer females in the industry. Krausz admits that, in the past, there has been an underestimation in terms of the gender balance but notes that things are slowly changing in various sectors, while Kreyenberg contributes his ideas on how important it is to collaborate with parents and give them an equal chance to work. In terms of financing, they also address the paradox that the figures are unlikely to come before the content, and as Krausz underlines, “If you don’t sense any opportunities, something is wrong with the content.”

Watch the video below:

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