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Nasce l'Istituto della Televisione nella Repubblica Ceca


L'università privata sarà la prima istituzione educativa del paese dedicata esclusivamente alla televisione

Nasce l'Istituto della Televisione nella Repubblica Ceca
La fondatrice e futura direttrice dell'Istituto della Televisione, Kamila Zlatušková (© Masaryk University Brno archive)

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The Czech Film Fund has initiated its transformation into the Czech Audiovisual Fund, which will cover four main domains. The current framework of film and film infrastructure will be extended to include support for small-screen production (fiction, animated and documentary series) and video games. The new fund will mark a significant shift in the domestic creative industry.

Independently from the Czech Audiovisual Fund, another new institution is being founded with the aim of supporting domestic professionals working in the episodic format: the Television Institute. The private university will become the first educational institution dedicated solely to television courses in the Czech Republic.

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The Television Institute will offer a bachelor’s degree with the possibility to continue pursuing a master’s degree in Norway. The university plans to provide three courses: a technological course prepared with the company Sony (which will be providing the technical equipment), a showrunning course, and one course orientated towards classical television production and marketing. In addition to academic functions, the Television Institute will also serve as an inspirational platform.

The hub for industry professionals will offer a creative space for reflection on television production while running a year-round programme. Kamila Zlatušková, festival director of Serial Killer (see the news), also a producer and a former vice-dean for international relations at FAMU, is the institute’s founder and will also be its head. Zlatušková told Mediář (read the article in Czech here) that they are planning to bring in verified know-how from Scandinavia, the UK, the USA and other countries with thriving television production, as well as international guest speakers and lecturers.

According to Zlatušková, the institute’s concept is to capture talents from the Czech Republic and Slovakia via the bachelor’s degree, while working professionals would be able to broaden their education in the field. Industry experts from domestic television channels as well as international stations such as ORF and HBO are confirmed to come on board as lecturers. The university will be collaborating with Czech public broadcaster Czech Television and domestic commercial TV stations.

The Television Institute will officially open in September 2022 in Brno.

(L'articolo continua qui sotto - Inf. pubblicitaria)

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