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di Torsten Löhn


15-year-old Paule leads a wild life on the streets of Berlin. Together with Arnel, 12, who dreams of returning to his home in Bosnia, he shoplifts in department stores and mugs passersby in expensive shopping streets. Everything changes when Paule robs 18-year-old Julia and falls in love with her. He follows her and gives her back the things he stole from her, pretending to be older than he really is.

titolo internazionale: Paule and Julia
titolo originale: Paule und Julia
paese: Germania
rivenditore estero: German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
anno: 2002
genere: fiction
regia: Torsten Löhn
durata: 86'
data di uscita: DE 04/09/2003
sceneggiatura: Torsten Löhn, Christoph Roos
cast: Marlon Kittel, Oona Devi Liebich, Arnel Taci, Karina Fallenstein, Oliver Stern, Martin Semmelrogge, Iliya Stojkov, Melis Fikic, Detlef Kapplusch
fotografia: Frank Amann
montaggio: Nicola Undritz
scenografia: Michael Ferwagner
costumi: Peter Pohl
musica: Lars Löhn
produttore: Nanni Erben
produzione: Ziegler Film Berlin
distributori: Basis-Film Verleih
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