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Karli Max

Producer on the move 2008 - Switzerland


Karli Max

Cineuropa: What is your background and how did you become a producer?
Karli Max: After studying Far Eastern Languages at the University of Geneva I turned to cinema and studied Film Production at New York University. I then worked as a production assistant and assistant director on local Swiss productions, and also co-managed the Swiss Film Market and the former European Film Market in Barcelona. Producing was always my aim as I find it the most versatile and thrilling aspect to filmmaking. At the end of 2003, Pauline Karli Gygax and I decided to dive in and started Rita Productions together.

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What is your company’s production philosophy?
Our aim is to produce films with different levels of interpretation. To us, a film is a metaphor for life’s most vital questions and social interrogations.

How do you choose projects? What qualities must a project have to catch your attention?
We choose the project with our heart, yet we keep in sight its viability and public value. Trying to produce films with different interpretation levels allows us to target a larger audience, reaching different segments of the public. Our work is to go much further than just entertainment. Films must be entertaining, yet filled with thoughtful meaning.

Do you have international perspectives involving co-producing with other European countries?
Co-producing in Europe is quite difficult as most of the production companies depend on public funds, each of which has its own demands and restrictions. Even a logical co=production brings its hours of financial and artistic mathematics. All of the features that we develop require co-production.

With which countries do you co-produce the most?
Living in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, France is naturally our most logical co-producer. Beside a recent co-production with Austria, all of our past co-productions have been with French productions companies. We'd love to co-produce with other countries!

How do you feel about being selected as a Producer on the Move 2008?
We are delighted about our being selected. Last year was a transition year for us, we've been working a lot for television content and we are again focusing our efforts on feature film development. Being selected in this program gives us the opportunity to come back more intensively to the feature world, which is very important to us.

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