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Nove società di produzione indipendenti formano 'The Creatives'


- Guidata dalla francese Haut et Court, la nuova alleanza di produttori ha stretto un accordo di partnership triennale unico con Fremantle, che aiuterà a sviluppare e finanziare serie

Nove società di produzione indipendenti formano 'The Creatives'
Christian Vesper, di Fremantle, e Carole Scotta di Haut et Court

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Yesterday, nine leading independent production outfits from eight different countries formed a creative and development alliance called "The Creatives", designed to house a slate of high-end drama series and films and increase their collective power.

The new label has sealed a three-year partnership agreement with Fremantle, which will help to develop and fund high-end international drama series working in collaboration with Christian Vesper, President of Global Drama at Fremantle, and Fremantle's Global Drama Team.

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The members of the alliance are France's Haut Et Court, the Netherlands' Lemming Film, Belgium's Versus Production, Norway's Maipo Film, Germany's Razor Film, Israel's Spiro, France's Unité, the UK's Good Chaos and US-based Masha.

In total, the nine firms are currently producing and developing over 100 films and series. All of them will be signed under the newly formed label.

In their joint statement, The Creatives revealed some details about their mission: "Nine companies, nine different identities, who want to keep their individuality and their cultures as well as that of the talent they work with. We cooperate, we exchange ideas, we develop, we produce, and we maintain our idiosyncrasies. In return, as a response to an exponential growth of the market, we offer writers and directors a home of a significant scale where they will benefit from a global approach. At the same time, they retain control of their stories and keep hold of rights, as much as possible. In this hugely competitive world, we all believe it is the only way to swim upstream and stay ahead of our competitors.”

Haut Et Court's co-founder Carole Scotta added: "We have pioneered this unique deal structure, with the valued support and backing of Fremantle. The Creatives will protect the independent development process that has been the backbone of storytelling in Europe for decades. We unite in order to stay as free and creatively interesting as possible, and supply films and series which audiences will respond to. We are committed to offering fair conditions to the talent we work with and to strengthen the long-term relationships with our writers, showrunners, and directors as well as with new talent."

Commenting on the partnership sealed with The Creatives, Fremantle's President of Global Drama Christian Vesper said: "At Fremantle we believe passionately in providing our valued partners and our brilliant talent with the right level of support, whilst also fully embracing their independence, creativity, and complete freedom to work unencumbered with the network or platform that is best suited for each project. This successful formula is in the Fremantle DNA and represents a perfect fit for this ground-break and innovative new label. We believe The Creatives will deliver a consistent slate of high-quality, authentic and sophisticated productions, each of which will have creative freedom at its very heart, and we are extremely proud to be partnering with them."

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