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Il CNC crea un "Fondo selettivo piattaforme"


- Lanciato un fondo sperimentale per sostenere la produzione indipendente di opere audiovisive francesi prefinanziate esclusivamente da piattaforme extraeuropee

Il CNC crea un "Fondo selettivo piattaforme"
Il presidente del CNC Dominique Boutonnat

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It’s a symbolic announcement on more than one level: presented as "the first step in the process of non-European SVOD platforms’ progressive and conditional integration within the financial aid system managed by the CNC", an experimental fund aimed at supporting the independent production of French independent audiovisual works exclusively pre-funded by these self-same platforms, has now been launched.

This provision (described as temporary) boasts a budget of €5m and is open until 30 April 2022 (a first committee will come together on 3 December, followed by two others unfolding at some point before April). Its aim? To allow works funded by platforms and produced by chosen French producers to benefit from selective aid.

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The beneficiaries of this fund will be independent French production companies designated by the platform commissioning the work. Eligible formats include fiction, animation, creative documentaries and audiovisual adaptations of live performances, which should be made entirely, or predominantly, in the French language (or in a regional language currently used in France).

To be considered to be eligible, works should meet with a variety of conditions, including being independent, as defined by the AVMSD decree (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) of 21 June 2021: platforms may not be in possession of marketing mandates, nor secondary rights relating to the works, nor rights extending beyond 72 months (of which 36 months of exclusive rights), nor shares in production, nor rights to any revenue earned by the work.

In terms of "making and funding conditions", these works should be mainly made in the French language where the French stake is at least 80%, and be financed by French funds equal to at least 30% of the work’s definitive cost (the platform’s overall investment, including exploitation rights over the work acquired outside of the French territory, is considered to be included within the French stake).

Production expenses incurred in France should account for 50% of the French stake and the applicable scale qualifying works as European should likewise be respected. Lastly, the sum of financial aid allocated by the CNC should not exceed 40% of the work’s definitive cost, while the total amount of public aid given should not exceed 50%.

"Since July, platforms have been subject to funding obligations vis-a-vis French creation. This fund is here to support the core of our audiovisual and film industry through its many changes, which enhance its diversity and richness; in other words, independent production. It’s our role at the CNC", remarked CNC President Dominique Boutonnat.

(L'articolo continua qui sotto - Inf. pubblicitaria)

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