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EVENTI Francia

Missione ecologista alla conferenza sulla produzione audiovisiva "carbon-free"


- In inglese: Ecoprod e Film4Climate tengono una conferenza sulla produzione di progetti audiovisivi che non implichino emissioni di carbonio

Missione ecologista alla conferenza sulla produzione audiovisiva "carbon-free"

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Before the United Nations Climate Change Conference kicks off in Paris on 30 November, the film and media industries will get together for a conference on carbon-free audiovisual production on the 25th. Hosted by Olivier-René Veillon, Ecoprod founder and CEO of the Ile-de-France Film Commission, and Film4Climate, the one-day event will present an overview of climate-friendly approaches, measures and experiences.

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In Belgium, green film production is already a requirement in order to get full support, as Evert Eriksson from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund will point out. Producers are being asked to participate in the e-Mission programme, which provides them with the tools and training necessary for a more sustainable form of production. The last instalment will be paid upon the delivery of the production's carbon footprint.

In Germany, more that 50 feature films, documentaries, TV series, animated movies, short and student films have already received the Green Shooting Card for sustainable production, which is issued by film commissioner Christiane Dopp from the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH). Meanwhile, the Sardegna Film Commission, the Trentino Film Commission and the Torino-Piemonte Film Commission have sealed a deal with energy provider Edison, which offers the Edison Green Movie protocol.

Further speakers at the conference include Jeremy Mathieu, sustainability manager at the BBC, Erin Foster from Disney Studios, and David Parfitt, senior vice-president of Film London.

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