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Lipsia ospita la Convention Internazionale del Documentario con un focus arabo-europeo


- In inglese: Aperte le iscrizioni per il nuovo evento co-creato da AFAC e DOX BOX, in partnership con DOK Leipzig, l'IDFA Bertha Fund e il Sundance Institute

Lipsia ospita la Convention Internazionale del Documentario con un focus arabo-europeo

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From 12-14 April, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and DOX BOX are organising the first International Documentary Convention with an Arab-European focus at the Mediencampus Villa Ida in Leipzig. It is being held in partnership with DOK Leipzig, the IDFA Bertha Fund and the Sundance Institute

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The concept of the Arab-European Documentary Convention (aDC) is to gather together documentary professionals and decision makers from across the Arab region, Europe and beyond, around a series of workshops, debates, panels and case studies, as well as rough-cut and public screenings. Topics on the agenda of this first edition include the ethics of co-production, documentary distribution in challenging times, and Arab-region documentary heritage. 

Among the growing list of international facilitators and speakers whose presence has been confirmed are representatives of training initiatives, TV stations, financiers, distribution and production companies, as well as festival heads and filmmakers, in order to represent all facets of the industry. Signed-up attendees include Bruni Burres (Sundance Documentary Program), Brigid O’Shea (head of DOK Industry at DOK Leipzig), Orwa Nyrabia (artistic director of the IDFA), Rasha Salti (programme editor, Arte France) and Serra Ciliv (The New Film Fund Turkey), amongst others. 

Registration for the 2018 aDC is now open. The international meeting is intended to take place annually.

For more information on the programme and how to register, visit the aDC website.

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