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OSCAR 2019 Grecia

Il dramma d'epoca greco Polyxeni punta a una nomination all'Oscar


- Il terzo film di Dora Masklavanou sarà il candidato greco ai 91mi Academy Awards

Il dramma d'epoca greco Polyxeni punta a una nomination all'Oscar
Polyxeni di Dora Masklavanou

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Dora Masklavanou’s third feature, Polyxeni [+leggi anche:
scheda film
, which premiered last year at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, is Greece’s submission for the Best Foreign-language Film Academy Award, which will be handed out on 24 February 2019.

Polyxeni is a period drama set in 1970s Istanbul. In 1957, a couple of prominent Greek Istanbulites adopt an orphaned Greek girl from their home town. They offer her a powerful family name and devote all their attention to her. Twelve-year-old Polyxeni is separated from her younger brother. She embarks on a new life and a future that looks bright. She receives an education, comes of age and falls in love. She has a lust for life, but is unaware of the devious and deadly plan that others are hatching behind her back, targeting her large inheritance.

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Polyxeni was awarded the Tamouda Prize for Best Film at the 24th Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan in Morocco. Earlier this year, it also received four Greek Iris Awards – for Best Actresses (both in leading and supporting roles), for Katia Goulioni and Lidia Fotopoulou, respectively; Best Cinematography, for Claudio Bolivar; and Best Original Score, for seasoned composer Nikos Kypourgos.

Polyxeni was produced by Fenia Cossovitsa (Blonde Audiovisual Productions), and it was supported by the Greek Film Centre.

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