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AL ESTE 2019 Estelab

Estelab allarga gli orizzonti del cinema peruviano e lo avvicina all'Europa


- Quattro progetti da Perù, Argentina e Bolivia hanno preso parte alla prima edizione di questo laboratorio di coproduzione tutorato da professionisti europei e latinoamericani

Estelab allarga gli orizzonti del cinema peruviano e lo avvicina all'Europa
Una delle conferenze di Estelab 2019 (© Al Este)

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As part of the Al Este Central and Eastern European Film Festival, which unspooled last week, Lima also hosted the first edition of the Estelab. At this co-production lab, representatives of four feature-film projects hailing from Peru, Argentina and Bolivia got the chance to explore the options at their disposal as they strive to bring their works to fruition, guided by a number of European and Latin American film-industry professionals.

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Two of the four projects selected came from Peru – namely, Toque de queda by director Fernando Muniz, produced by Rodolfo Pereira; and La marca, directed by Spaniard Diego de León and produced by Luis Rodríguez. The line-up of co-productions was rounded off by the Peruvian-Bolivian co-pro Debajo de la ira by Eduardo Gómez, produced by Ariel Soto Paz; and Argentina’s Revolver, helmed by Andrés Aloi and staged by Luis Fernando Bustamante Valdiviezo. In the words of Martín Albertengo, an Argentinian producer whose role was to coordinate the laboratory, the main objective of the initiative is to “select viable productions, ensuring that the interaction between them is productive and useful. We are promoting the idea of co-producing with Europe, which is a concept that doesn’t yet exist in many Latin American countries.” After having received a total of 14 applications to take part in the event in the space of just a few months, Albertengo is evidently optimistic about the future of the scheme: “The possibilities for the future are manifold. Besides supporting the projects themselves, it’s important to give a boost to the industry, and establish ties with professionals by opening up to co-production markets and labs in Europe and elsewhere.”

To help forge these bonds, the Estelab was able to rely on the involvement of film-industry professionals from both Europe and Latin America. Polish producer Aneta Zagórska (see the interview), her Czech counterpart Milos Lochman, Slovenian documentarian and visual artist Igor Zupe, Mexican teacher and producer Martha Orozco, and Peruvian distributor Cecilia Goméz de la Torre were just some of the professionals present in Lima to offer their knowledge and experience to the representatives of the various projects.

This rendezvous between film-industry professionals was also a chance for the representative of the Peruvian Directorate of Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media (DAFO), Pierre-Emile Vandoorne, to explain the work that is being carried out in this government agency to foster film-related activities in Peru. In addition to production-support measures, Vandoorne stressed that it was important for the DAFO to invest in training for professionals; he also highlighted the support provided to bolster exhibition through alternative channels, such as festivals, independent movie theatres and digital platforms. Rounding things off, the Peruvian Film Commission, which reports to the country’s Ministry of Tourism, made the most of the festivities at Estelab to inform the professionals in attendance about the myriad opportunities that the varied and diverse Peruvian terrain can offer to any kind of shoot. It also announced that it was able to provide advice and consultancy on the logistical, legal and creative levels, with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing the smooth and efficient development of a project.

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