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Tre progetti di lungometraggi spagnoli annunciati a Huesca


- Oltre a premiare i cortometraggi europei, la 47ª edizione del Festival internazionale del cinema di Huesca ha ospitato la presentazione di un film d'animazione e due film di finzione per adulti

Tre progetti di lungometraggi spagnoli annunciati a Huesca
(sx-dx) Il produttore Leo Dolgan, il regista Jo Sol e il produttore Daniel Vergara, che hanno presentato il loro progetto Armugán al Festival internazionale del cinema di Huesca (© Jorge Dueso)

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Besides paying tribute to key figures in Spanish cinema, such as Marisa Paredes, rewarding EGEDA’s management and showcasing titles such as The Days to Come [+leggi anche:
intervista: Carlos Marques-Marcet
scheda film
by Carlos Marques-Marcet (who Cineuropa got the chance to chat to on site – see the interview), the recently concluded 47th Huesca International Film Festival (7-15 June) served as an opportunity to present three feature-length film projects at various stages of production: Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, Planeta 500 and Armugán.

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Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds – helmed by Toni García, produced by Mili Pictures and set to be released imminently by Universal Pictures – is a revival of the animated TV series of the same name, based on the famous Alejandro Dumas classic, which kept kids riveted in the 1980s. While it uses 3D animation, it still remains faithful to its origins, with 2D animation being employed for certain scenes. “We all have a bit of Dogtanian in us: we want to be these great heroes,” remarked García, who also asserted, “Family films are a social occasion, and animation will always have an audience, as it’s a stable genre.”

After two years of production and shooting in France and Aragon, Spain, Planeta 500 is slated for a late 2019 release. According to the details offered by its director, Carlos Val, “It tells the story of a woman who was born into a sect, which she is trying to get away from, and that of another character who’s trying to gain entry to that same sect.” The story takes issue with any kind of manipulation: “It’s a reflection on freedom and how easy it is to lose it, which then turns life into a kind of prison,” the filmmaker continues. José Ángel Delgado, who is producing the movie, underlined the support from Aragón TV and the private funding they have received.

Armugán will begin principal photography in September, on location in Huesca and Zaragoza, Spain. Its director, the ever-daring Jo Sol (Living and Other Fictions [+leggi anche:
intervista: Jo Sol
scheda film
), presented the film, which aims to broach topics that humankind has been pondering since its very beginnings, such as death. “Before, there were women who used to accompany others to give birth, and there were also those who accompanied people at other times, such as when death was looming. The film talks about a dignified existence, connected to those cycles that people today prefer to forget,” stated the filmmaker. The project is a production by Huesca-based La Bendita Produce.

As for the festival’s award winners, which were announced on Saturday, the Polish short film Atlas by Maciej Kawalski, Spain’s Manspreading by Abdelatif Hwidar and Germany’s People of the Waste Land by Heba Khaled took home the Danzante Awards in the International, Ibero-American and Documentary Competitions, respectively. All three have therefore been shortlisted for the Oscars. The “Iberian Rider” Danzante Award for International Animation, which serves to reward the best work in this particular genre, was bestowed upon France’s Best Friend, the feature debut by Nicholas Olivieri, David Feliu, Juliana de Lucca, Shen Yi and Varun Nair.

Here is the full list of award winners:

Ibero-American Short Film Competition

Ibero-American Danzante First Prize
Manspreading - Abdelatif Hwidar (Spain)

“Cacho Pallero” Ibero-American Danzante
Fuego olímpico – Ricardo Soto (Mexico)

“Alberto Sánchez” Ibero-American Danzante for Best Feature Debut
Tahrib – Gerardo Cortés Vidal (Spain)

Special Mention
Una noche con Juan Diego Botto – Teresa Bellón, César F Calvillo (Spain)

International Short Film Competition

International Danzante First Prize
Atlas - Maciej Kawalski (Poland)

“Iberian Rider” International Danzante for Best Animation
Best Friend – Nicholas Olivieri, David Feliu, Juliana de Lucca, Shen Yi, Varun Nair (France)

International Danzante for Best Feature Debut
Plus minus unu – Ion Borsch (Moldavia)

“Francisco García de Paso” Special Mention for Human Values
Ashmina – Dekel Berenson (UK)

Special Mention
The cast of Yom Ragil – Lee Gilat (Israel)

Documentary Competition

Documentary Danzante First Prize
People of the Waste Land - Heba Khaled (Germany)

“José Manuel Porquet” Danzante for Best Ibero-American Documentary
Adiós, adiós, adiós – Ricardo Castro (Mexico)

Other awards

Aragón Televisión Audience Award
Cortito – Jesús Osvaldo Pérez (Mexico)

Best Screenplay Award
George the Dog, Refugee - Tomasz Wiński (Czech Republic)
Special Mention
No me despertéis – Sara Fantova (Spain)

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