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Wallimage sostiene Mia Hansen-Løve e Fabrice du Welz


- Il fondo di investimento regionale vallone supporta anche il ritorno in terra belga dei Puffi

Wallimage sostiene Mia Hansen-Løve e Fabrice du Welz
La regista Mia Hansen-Løve e il regista Fabrice du Welz

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For its 96th session, Wallimage is supporting some hotly anticipated features, but also the little blue characters who are an integral part of Belgian heritage.

Bergman Island is the first English-language film from French director Mia Hansen-Løve. It follows a couple of American filmmakers who arrive on Fårö island, in Sweden, where Ingmar Bergman lived, to each write their new film. That summer, they will lose themselves between fiction and reality at the heart of the island’s mysterious landscapes. The film will star Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth and Mia Wasikowska and is produced in France by CG Cinéma, and co-produced in Belgium by Scope Pictures.

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As his latest film, Adoration [+leggi anche:
intervista: Fabrice du Welz
scheda film
, comes out in France and in Belgium on 22 January 2020, Fabrice du Welz’s next project, Inexorable, set to be shot in the spring of 2020, is coming together. After the resounding success of his first novel, Inexorable, Marcel Bellmer never really managed to reach the same heights again. Years later and after a grave depression now behind him, Marcel, his wife and editor Jeanne Drahi, and their daughter Lucie, move into the rich apartment of his father-in-law. That is when Gloria is hired as a housekeeper. Young and fragile, she troubles Marcel to his very core… The film is produced by Frakas Production in Belgium, and co-produced by The Jokers in France.

Wallimage is also supporting the great return to Belgium of the Smurfs, the tiny blue creatures created by Peyo. While the television series of the 1980s had been produced in the United States by Hanna Barbera, Peyo Productions is now taking over, for an animated series with great export potential.

Finally, Wallimage is also supporting the new features from Belgian director Vivian Goffette (Les Poings Serrés), Algerian director Farid Bentoumi (Rouge), and Luxembourg director Jacques Molitor (Kommunioun).

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