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BERLINALE 2020 Generation

ESCLUSIVA: Trailer e clip di Las niñas, selezionato alla Berlinale


- Il primo lungometraggio della regista spagnola Pilar Palomero, sarà presentato in prima mondiale nella sezione Generation Kplus della 70ma Berlinale

ESCLUSIVA: Trailer e clip di Las niñas, selezionato alla Berlinale
Andrea Fandos e Natalia de Molina in Las niñas

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In the Catholic girls' school choir, Celia's voice must not be heard. But her mute acceptance of the conservative dictates of an environment utterly bereft of colour and individuality is soon shaken up by the arrival of a new classmate, Brisa. Standing on the threshold of adolescence, Celia discovers a thirst for life in all its multifaceted glory. A bond quickly develops between the two girls, and together they rail against the authority figures and their rigid rules. In small acts of rebellion, Celia finds the courage to express her growing distrust of the value system governing her world in 1990s Spain, as questions start to form about her own family background – a topic on which her mother has always kept silent.​

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This is the plot of Schoolgirls [+leggi anche:
intervista: Pilar Palomero
scheda film
, the debut feature by Spain's Pilar Palomero, set to world-premiere in the Generation Kplus section of the 70th Berlinale (20 February-1 March).

Schoolgirls was produced by Valérie Delpierre for Inicia Films and Alex Lafuente for BTeam Prods. The world sales are handled by Spanish outfit Film Factory Entertainment.

Check out our exclusive teaser below:

Check out our exclusive clip below:

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