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22 progetti per i 17mi Incontri di coproduzione francofona


- La nuova edizione dell'evento, che vedrà protagonista il Libano, si terrà dal 10 al 12 novembre a Bruxelles

22 progetti per i 17mi Incontri di coproduzione francofona
Il regista Joël Karekezi, il cui progetto Capitaine Mbaye è stato selezionato

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After having been postponed in 2020 because of the health crisis, the 17th Francophone Co-production Meetings (RCF) will finally take place in November this year, and will welcome the teams behind 22 projects in search of partners: 17 fiction features, three animated features and two TV series.

This edition will train the spotlight on Lebanon, a member country of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, which has had a long and storied relationship with the French language. The RCF are a joint undertaking between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the CNC, SODEC (Quebec), Telefilm Canada, Film Fund Luxembourg and the Swiss Federal Culture Office.

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The Meetings are aimed at members of the film industry on the lookout for business opportunities. They will have the chance to meet the project leads during one-to-one meetings, attend a video-pitch session, have discussions with French-language support funds, and attend various round-tables and conferences.

In particular, professionals will be homing in on the subject of diversity in film schools and in TV series. A conference on Lebanese cinema will also be on the agenda.

Four Belgian projects will be presented: the feature debut by Catherine Cosme, Bagarres, as well as the sophomore efforts by Joël Karekezi (La The Mercy of the Jungle [+leggi anche:
intervista: Joël Karekezi
scheda film
), Marta Bergman (Alone at My Wedding [+leggi anche:
intervista: Marta Bergman
scheda film
) and Sarah Hirtt (Escapada [+leggi anche:
intervista: Sarah Hirtt
scheda film

Also set to be introduced are four Canadian projects, including two animated features; eight French projects, including one animated feature and one series; two Luxembourgish projects, including one series; two Swiss projects; and two projects from Lebanon, this year’s guest country.

Here is the full list of projects:

Aspergirl (France) (series)
Creators: Hadrien Cousin, Judith Godinot

Director: Lola Roqueplo
Producer: Patafilm

Bagarres - Catherine Cosme (Belgium)
Producer: Hélicotronc

Les Bottanix - Benoit Godbout (Canada) (animation)
Producer: CarpeDiem Film & TV

Capitaine Mbaye - Joël Karekezi (Belgium)
Producer: Neon Rouge Productions

Dans la cuisine de Nguyen - Stéphane Ly-Cuong (France)
Producer: Respiro Productions

L’Enfant Bélier - Marta Bergman (Belgium)
Producer: Frakas Productions

Et j’ai tiré sur les cow-boys - Fleur Albert (France)
Producer: Noodles Production

Finding Rosa (Luxembourg) (series)
Creator: Adolf El Assal
Producer: Wady Films

Gagne ton ciel - Mathieu Denis (Canada)
Producer: Coop Vidéo de Montréal

La Guerre des salamandres - Catherine Maximoff (France) (animation)
Producer: Les Contes Modernes

It’s a Sad and Beautiful World - Cyril Aris (Lebanon)
Producer: Abbout Productions

Lueur Grise - Michèle Tyan (Lebanon)
Producer: Orjouane Productions

Mami Wata - Askia Traoré (France)
Producer: Special Touch Studios

Les Matins merveilleux - Avril Besson (France)
Producer: The Cup of Tea

Monsieur et Madame Tornade - Sarah Hirtt (Belgium)
Producer: Artémis Productions

La Nouvelle Illusion - Jasmin Gordon (Switzerland)
Producer: Maximage Filmproduktion

Poissons - Valentin Rotelli (Switzerland)
Producer: Beauvoir Films

Les Reines du drame - Alexis Langlois (France)
Producer: Les Films du Poisson

Le Refuge - Cyrus Neshvad (Luxembourg)
Producer: Cynefilms

Ses bras sont des serpents - Emmanuel Bellegarde (France)
Producers: To be Continued, Tobina Film

Space Cadet - Eric San (Canada) (animation)
Producer: Les Films Outsiders

Une splendeur de vivre - Marianne Métivier (Canada)
Producer: Productions l'unité centrale

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