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ABYCINE 2021 Abycine Lanza

L'Abycine Lanza presenta un ampio bouquet di progetti indipendenti


- Nelle sue diverse sezioni saranno presentati i prossimi film di registi come Carlos Vermut, Nely Reguera, Adrián Silvestre o Marta Nieto

L'Abycine Lanza presenta un ampio bouquet di progetti indipendenti
Mantícora di Carlos Vermut

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Abycine Lanza – Independent Audiovisual Market has established itself as an unmissable rendezvous for those wishing to present projects in search of funding, consultancy and partners. Its past editions have seen titles such as Between Two Waters [+leggi anche:
intervista: Isaki Lacuesta
scheda film
by Isaki Lacuesta, The Year of the Discovery [+leggi anche:
scheda film
by Luis López Carrasco and Mighty Flash [+leggi anche:
intervista: Ainhoa Rodríguez
scheda film
by Ainhoa Rodríguez pass through its doors. At the new edition, which will unspool between 21 and 24 October in Albacete, prominent names from the Spanish independent film landscape will pop up again with fresh projects, which we list at the end of this article under the respective sections that they are participating in.

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And so this year, Impulso Work-in-Progress, a forum that focuses on giving a leg up to fiction or documentary features that are currently at the post-production stage, will get a significant boost thanks to the backing of Filmin, with exhibition support valued at €22,000. In addition, the selected projects will be vying for one-off post-production support worth €7,000 and the MAFIZ Work-in-Progress Award from the Málaga Film Festival: the winning work will be invited to take part in the 2022 edition of the MAFIZ-Málaga Industry Zone, in the hope of pocketing one of its 12 prizes.

Furthermore, the selected works and their teams will be taking part in professional activities that will give them an opportunity to drive forward their projects, with consultancy from experts who will attempt to give an extra push to their creations. Among the titles that will form part of the sixth edition of Abycine Lanza’s Impulso WIP, we find seasoned directorssuch as Carlos Vermut (see the news), Nely Reguera (who has changed the original title of her project – see the news) and Adrián Silvestre (who is about to release his documentary Sediments [+leggi anche:
intervista: Adrián Silvestre
scheda film
in Spain, after it won awards at numerous international festivals), whereas Impulso Desarrollo CMM Lanza 2021 will host other fledgling directors who are aspiring to be part of the bright future of the indie film scene in Spain, as is the case for the feature-length directorial debut by actress Marta Nieto (who stars in Out of Sync [+leggi anche:
intervista: Juanjo Giménez
scheda film
, a film due to screen at Abycine).

In the aforementioned Impulso Desarrollo CMM strand (with consultancy and two support packages worth €17,250 on offer) and “Albacete que no es poco” (lit. “Albacete is no mean feat”), a plethora of projects still in development will be presented. All of these are detailed below.

Here is the full list of projects:

Impulso Work-in-progress

Cando toco un animal - Ángel Filgueira (Spain)
Producer: Sétima

La voluntaria - Nely Reguera (Spain/Greece)
Producers: Fasten Films, Bteam Prods

En busca de la Singla - Paloma Zapata (Spain)
Producer: La Fábrica Naranja

H - Carlos Pardo Ros (Spain)
Producer: DVEIN Films

Mantícora - Carlos Vermut (Spain/Romania)
Producers: Aquí y Allí Films, Bteam Prods

Mi vacío y yo - Adrián Silvestre (Spain)
Producers: Testamento, Promarfi Futuro 2010 and Alba Sotorra SL
(Project selected at MAFIZ 2021, thanks to the partnership between both industry areas)

Mitología de barrio - Alejandro Pérez Castellanos, Antonio Llamas, Jorge Rojas and Lucas G Torralbo (Spain)
Producer: Eva Bodas

Tolyatti Adrift - Laura Sisteró (Spain/France)
Producers: Boogaloo Films, Les Films d’Ici

Albacete que no es poco

Tregua(s) – Mario Hernández (Spain)
Producers: Producciones Monas, Belino Production

Taranta – Samuel Nacar (Spain)
Producers: Nervio Docs, Voodoo Productions

El Canal de La Mancha – Daniel Sánchez López (Spain)
Producers: Cosmic Productions, Sirimiri Films

La boda – Pedro Cenjor (Spain)
Producer: Pedro Cenjor

Impulso Desarrollo CMM

Bodegón con fantasmas - Enrique Buleo (Spain)
Producer: Quatre Films

El descendiente - Fernando Pérez (Spain)
Producer: Bteam Prods

El eterno retorno - Alejandro Salgado (Spain)
Producer: Irene Ens

El Gordo - Jorge Moreno and Matías Uris (Spain)
Producer: Opa Films

Elevated: la vida reflejada - Adán Aliaga (Spain)
Producer: Jaboi Films

En carne viva - Ainhoa Menéndez (Spain)
Producer: Elamedia

L'hora de les tortugues - Mariona Guiu Pont (Spain)
Producer: Suricata Stories

La furia - Gemma Blasco (Spain)
Producer: Ringo Media

La mala madre - Alicia Albares (Spain)
Producer: Mordisco Films

La mitad de Ana - Marta Nieto (Spain)
Producer: Avalon PC

La noche del coche rojo - Gonzalo Quincoces Delgado (Spain)
Producer: La parcela producciones

La Revolución de las Musas - Juno Álvarez, Maria Lorente and Yaiza de Lamo (Spain)
Producer: Potenza Producciones

Las voces - Irene Cardona (Spain)
Producer: Irene Cardona PC

Miocardio - José Manuel Carrasco (Spain)
Producer: Malvalanda SLU

The Human Hibernation Project - Anna Cornudella Castro (Spain)
Producer: Japonica Films SL

Torretta & Sebastian, United Mafia - Álvaro Iglesias (Spain)
Producer: Solworks Films

Tres canciones - Adriá Guxens (Spain)
Producer: Corte A Films

Ultravioleta - Mamen Díaz (Spain)
(Guest project invited by the Atlántida Film Fest)

Level - Anna Berkhof and Carlos Mora Fuentes (Spain)
(Guest project invited by the Cantabria Film Commission, out of competition)

Eco - Nacho Solana (Spain)
Producer: Mordisco Films
(Guest project invited by the Cantabria Film Commission, out of competition)

Beroa - Mario Díaz Delgado (Spain)
Producer: Pico Tres Cine
(Guest project invited by the Cantabria Film Commission, out of competition)

Pobre diablo - Guillermo Polo (Spain)
Producer: Japonica Films
(Guest project invited by the Valencian Film Institute of the Regional Government of Valencia, out of competition)

L'altra mare - Javier Valenzuela Alamán (Spain)
Producer: Pyewacket Films
(Guest project invited by the Valencian Film Institute of the Regional Government of Valencia, out of competition)

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