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Fine riprese per l'adattamento ucraino di Re Lear


- Il regista ucraino Dmytro Hreshko ha girato un film basato sull'opera di Shakespeare con l'aiuto della troupe del teatro di Uzhhorod e di un gruppo di attori non professionisti

Fine riprese per l'adattamento ucraino di Re Lear
King Lear di Dmytro Hreshko

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Filming has wrapped on Dmytro Hreshko's new film, King Lear: How We Searched for Love in Wartime. The movie portrays the experiences of Eastern Ukrainian immigrants forced to leave their homes due to the full-scale war in the country. Hreshko, the director of Between the Sky and the Mountains, was among those who sought refuge in the Transcarpathian city of Uzhhorod. There, he met Vyacheslav Egorov, the director of the local theatre, and other locals who helped displaced people settle into new homes. Egorov's long-standing dream was to stage Shakespeare's King Lear, and the country's dire situation finally inspired him to do so.

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The cast includes no professional actors. Instead, teachers, students, labourers, salesmen and doctors who had moved to Uzhhorod during the war were recruited to participate. For them, taking part in the performance became a kind of therapy and a search for new meaning in life. Hreshko documented the process of creating the play, and this material became the basis for his new film.

Hreshko explained: “When the full-scale invasion began, I evacuated to Uzhhorod and tried to document what was happening in the city during the war. People who refused to give up and who hoped for the best, even under such conditions, really inspired me. I was particularly inspired by the emigrants and the author of the idea, Vyacheslav Egorov, the director and producer of the play of the same name.

“The hardest part was finding the motivation to do something, as the new reality had drained me of all my energy. I had to force myself to get out of bed and spend the whole day filming. But eventually, the shoot lasted for five months, which helped me cope with the stress caused by the invasion and psychologically come to terms with the fact that there was a war in Ukraine.”

Polina Herman, the producer of King Lear: How We Searched for Love in Wartime, added: “Every project presents its difficulties, especially when filming and arranging a tour for a play during a war, with no guarantees. It was also challenging to work on the project while being away from the team in a foreign country, with a time difference of ten hours, and being there with my son. However, this experience was invaluable. We managed to create an insightful and inspiring film, and a vital and surreal play. We plan to submit our movie to festivals in Europe, the USA and Ukraine. As the film is still in post-production, we can't yet announce the premiere date, but we have some ambitious goals. We filmed in Uzhhorod, and post-production was partly completed in Kyiv.”

King Lear: How We Searched for Love in Wartime is being produced by Ukraine’s Up Ua Studio.

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