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INDUSTRIA / MERCATO Spagna / America Latina

Il primo Mercato internazionale FRAPA porta 15 progetti a Siviglia


- Nell'ambito dell'ottavo Incontro degli sceneggiatori nazionali sono state presentate le future serie televisive e possibili lungometraggi provenienti da Brasile e Spagna in cerca di partner

Il primo Mercato internazionale FRAPA porta 15 progetti a Siviglia
Il pitching delle serie spagnole al Mercato internazionale FRAPA

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The first FRAPA International Market,  organised by the Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival (the largest event of its kind in Latin America) and AIG (Ibero-American Association of Screenwriters), selected 15 projects (feature films and series) from 438 entries. These had the opportunity to be presented last Friday, 12 April in Seville, during the 8th Meeting of Spanish Screenwriters, which took place from 11 to 13 April and was organised by FAGA (Federation of Audiovisual Screenwriters' Associations) and ALMA (Spanish Screenwriters' Union).

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This market aims to promote the exchange of experiences and the internationalisation of projects and talents from Brazil and Spain. Five projects by Brazilian auteurs and ten by Spanish and Ibero-American auteurs, including five Andalusian auteurs, were then selected. In addition to technical and artistic quality, the panel took into account the potential of the projects for international co-production.

Last week, these auteurs took part in activities including mentoring, market meetings with experts and pitching. They presented their ideas, followed by comments from a specialised panel of industry players. These events were open to the public and were also attended by producers, screenwriters, journalists and film, platform and television professionals.

The selected projects (the complete list can be found at the end) include the following Spanish feature films: Cuando llegan los unicornios, by Patricia Ortega (Mamacruz [+leggi anche:
scheda film
), which tells the story of a humble Andalusian farming couple awaiting the birth of their first child, but when they discover that the baby is intersex, their lives take an unexpected turn; El jaguar y el camaleón, by Irlanda Tambascio Waine, which introduces Iris, an illustrator who is experiencing a serious crisis, but is commissioned to illustrate a story inspired by an ancient indigenous legend while being diagnosed with chromophobia, an aversion to colour of unknown cause; La azotea, by Tomás Rojo, which follows Mateo, who wakes up naked on the terrace of a building and tries to make sense of his situation while looking for a way out, but it gets complicated when the neighbours refuse to help him; and Paloma Brava, a costumbrista drama by Nerea Guitart, featuring a girl who is fat, a lesbian and whose grandmother has died without knowing who is going to win the final of the popular programme Se llama copla.

The Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival is the main meeting point for hundreds of screenwriters from all over Brazil and FRAPA has been held every year since 2013 with the aim of encouraging the production chain, as well as promoting education, training, the expansion of the repertoire and the appreciation of screenwriting professionals.

The first FRAPA International Market is supported by partners including Fundación SGAE; Projeto Paradiso, a philanthropic institution supporting Brazilian audiovisuals; the Brazilian Embassy in Spain, Instituto Guimarães Rosa and WriterDuet, a screenwriting software.

The selected projects:

Feature Films

As Anfitriãs - María Elena Morán and Renata de Lélis (Brazil)

Blush - Rodrigo de Vasconcellos and Alice Marcone (Brazil)

Carga-Viva - Iberê Carvalho and Giovanni Venturini (Brazil)

Cuando llegan los unicornios - Patricia Ortega (Spain)
Production: La Claqueta

El jaguar y el camaleón - Irlanda Tambascio Waine (Spain/France)
Production: Mayéulica Producciones, Tarannà Films, MC2 Productions

La azotea - Tomás Rojo (Spain)
Production: J.J. Ros (Delático Fims)

Paloma Brava - Nerea Guitart (Spain)
Production: TSP/ The South Project


Ámbar gris - Flora González Villanueva (Spain)
Las chicas son - Beatriz Mbula (Spain)
Malpaís - Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Díaz (Spain)
Party - Laura J. García and Juan Sánchez Gómez (Spain)
Sagrados Segredos - Julia Cartier Bresson (Brazil)
Setenteros - Marga Dorao (Spain)
Tablao - Javi Jáuregui (Spain)
Teia - Bruna Trindade, Vitã and Alice Name-Bontempo (Brazil)

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