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KARLOVY VARY 2024 Concorso

ESCLUSIVA: Il poster e le prime clip di Celebration, selezionato a Karlovy Vary


- Il lungometraggio d'esordio di Bruno Anković ritrae l'innocenza di un abitante di un villaggio croato infranta dalla dura realtà della guerra e delle turbolenze politiche tra il 1926 e il 1945

ESCLUSIVA: Il poster e le prime clip di Celebration, selezionato a Karlovy Vary
Bernard Tomić in Celebration

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Constant deprivation, repeated changes to the regime, and war pervaded the forests and shrouded an impoverished Croatian village between the years 1926 and 1945, in a miasma that obscured all visions of a better future. Village life is also tough for Mijo: his young, innocent soul is burdened by the outside world and troubled by inhumane orders, later falling prey to the false sheen of right-wing ideology.

This is the synopsis of Celebration [+leggi anche:
intervista: Bruno Anković
scheda film
, the first feature by Croatian director Bruno Anković, which is having its world premiere in the Crystal Globe Competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, taking place from 28 June-6 July.

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According to KVIFF selection committee member Vojtěch Kočárník, "This film presents us with wonderful shots of the rural landscape, but it is also a testimony of commonplace brutality and demonstrates the reasons why innocent people become easy quarry for ideological crusaders."

After having directed acclaimed commercials and short films like Jesters Strike Again (2000) and Correctional Facility for Parents (2010), Bruno Anković moved on to working on his first feature, with which he participated in industry events like First Cut+ at Trieste's WEMW.

An adaptation by Jelena Paljan from the successful novel of the same name by Damir Karakaš, Celebration was produced by Rea Rajčić and Tina Tišljar for Eclectica, in co-production with Pakt Media, with support from the Doha Film Institute.

Check out our exclusive poster and clips below:

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