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An advance on receipts for Vincent Le Port’s Bruno Reidal


- The CNC will also be supporting the feature debuts by Samir Guesmi, Brieuc Carnaille, Guillaume Bonnier, and duo Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand

An advance on receipts for Vincent Le Port’s Bruno Reidal
Director Vincent Le Port

Five feature debut projects have been accepted during the first 2018 session of the CNC’s first advance on receipts committee. Standing out among them is Bruno Reidal by Vincent Le Port (who trained at La Fémis and made a huge splash with his 52-minute short film Le Gouffre, which won the Jean Vigo Award in 2016). The screenplay for the feature was inspired by a macabre incident that received news coverage when it took place in a small village in the Cantal department in 1905: a young 17-year-old seminarian named Bruno Reidal beheaded a 12-year-old child before handing himself in to the authorities. In prison, at the request of the doctors who were studying his case, he jotted down his memoirs, which subsequently surfaced in the Criminal Anthropology Archives of 1907, accompanied by his teachers’ report. Production duties are being handled by Capricci Films together with Stank (the filmmaker’s own company).

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Another advance on receipts will go to Ibrahim [+see also:
film profile
, the directorial feature debut by actor Samir Guesmi, who previously made the leap behind the camera for the short film C’est dimanche ! (which took part in around 30 festivals and won several awards, most notably the Audience Award in the national competition at Clermont-Ferrand in 2008). The film will be staged by Why Not.

The CNC is also throwing its weight behind Le soleil de trop près by Brieuc Carnaille, which is being produced by Vixens Films. The story revolves around Basile, a thirty-something schizophrenia sufferer, who is released from hospital with one clear goal in mind: to reintegrate himself into society in order to offer Sarah, his good-hearted little sister, the life he wishes she had. Basile’s determination soon runs up against the sheer callousness of the world around him and the harsh reality of his illness – but the intensely close brother-and-sister team will never cease to use their sense of humour, their strong bond and even poetry to fight against it all.

Also among the lucky recipients of the advance on receipts is Tout le monde m’appelle Mike by Guillaume Bonnier. The main characters involved in the storyline are Thibault, Isotta and her son, who set off on their sailing boat. In Djibouti, they meet Mike and bring him on board. But who is he? The project is being staged by Spectre Productions.

Lastly, the CNC has selected an animated feature debut project in the guise of The Neighbours of My Neighbours are Neighbours of Mine by Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand, produced by Lardux Films and pitched not long ago at Cartoon Movie. Billed as a mainstream but “unformatted” title, the film will depict the intertwined destinies of ten actual neighbours, or neighbours of neighbours (including an ogre, a magician, a rambler, an old man, a mother and her children, and so on), as they grapple with the dramas, the joys, the surprises and the coincidences of everyday life.

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(Translated from French)

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