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CINEMED 2020 Cinemed Meetings

REPORT: Cinemed Meetings 2020


- We take a look at the 14 projects selected for the 30th instalment of the Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival’s Development Grant

REPORT: Cinemed Meetings 2020
Director Abu Bakr Shawky, whose project Le 67e été has been selected for the Grant

Tomorrow, Tuesday 20 October, will mark the beginning of the Cinemed Meetings: three days of professional meetings organised within the 42nd Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (read our news and interview with Christophe Leparc).

Standing out on the agenda is the 30th instalment of the Development Grant, which has supported 101 feature film projects since 1991. This year, the 14 selected fiction projects hail from 14 Mediterranean countries and will be presented by their directors and producers to a jury composed of Georges Goldenstern (director of Cannes Film Festival’s Cinéfondation), Marianne Dumoulin (JBA Production), Michel Zana (Sophie Dulac Distribution) and Catherine Bizern (Céci Moulin d’Andé). Two Development Grants will be handed out at the event (funded by the CNC and the Occitanie region and further consisting of technical expertise from Titra Films French Kiss and Saraband, and a writing residency at Céci - Moulin d’Andé).

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It’s worth mentioning that these professional days will also include the 6th edition of the "From Short to Long" initiative (seven feature film projects, offered up by filmmakers who have a short film in competition in Montpellier this year, which will be judged by a jury, with two writing residencies up for grabs), a selection of four projects from Occitanie, and, of course, co-production meetings with the usual individual meetings organised between project bearers and professionals attending Montpellier. And that’s without forgetting the 5th edition of "Talents en court" (litt. “Talent in Short”), not to mention a Focus on the animation company TAT Productions, and another intitled “Film en Fabrication” (litt. “Films In Production”) which homes in on a documentary by Laure Pradal dedicated to her brother Manuel (the filmmaker who passed away in 2017).

The projects in the running for the Development Grant are as follows:

Anna - Marco Amenta (Italy)
Production: Simonetta Amenta for Eurofilm
Inspired by a true story, Anna is a 55-year old, free woman who manages a small cattle farm. One morning, she wakes up to the roaring din of excavators, courtesy of a real estate group who are looking to build a mega-resort right behind her land. The bulldozers have concreted the path where she grazes her sheep. Against all expectations, Anna denounces the project. But attempts will be made to change her mind...

Anti - Vassilis Kalamakis (Greece)
Production: Maria Karagiannaki for Chase The Cut
Set at the height of the 3-day student uprisings against the Greek Military Junta in 1973, Anti follows the trajectories of several ordinary people who suddenly lose their personal lives as a result of political events

Comme un arbre amputé - Tunç Davut (Turkey/Serbia)
Production: Sinem Altindag for Tekhne Film
In the final phase of a deadly illness, Refik gives money to his housekeeper, a Syrian refugee. She disappears just before Eid, leaving her children behind. Following this event, the tensions in Refik’s family relations are exposed to the harsh light of day.

La forme humaine - Gheorge Preda (Romania)
Production: Alin Panc for Papa Pictures
Alex Ionescu, a young interior designer who witnessed a horrible crime, wants to save a family attacked by three individuals. Subsequently becoming their victim, he is disfigured, and a lengthy convalescence ensues. He then takes revenge by becoming a serial killer.

Ghammamets - Khaled Benaïssa (Algeria/France)
Production: Richard Djoudi for Show Guest Entertainment & Lacydon Bay productions
Khaled is making a film - A Lie that Tells the Truth - about terrorism in the 1990s. He is inspired by Nabil, his driver who is himself a victim of terrorism. On set, the amazed Nabil will be confronted with the reconstruction of the most traumatic nightmare of his life. Producer Omar is campaigning for a 5th mandate for Bouteflika, but the afore-mentioned film scene doesn’t help her cause. Reality will soon catch up with fiction.

Halissa - Sophie Artus (Israel)
Production: Yochanam Kredo for July August Productions
41-year-old Sarah - a nurse who runs the local Baby & Child Healthcare Centre in the district of Halisa, a poverty–stricken neighbourhood in the lower city port of Haifa - is unable to have children. Her desire to become a mother becomes entwined with the difficulties faced by the mothers in the neighbourhood, in particular those of young, 18-year old Anya who is willing to give Sarah her baby...

Les jours plus intenses de Guido Kalb - Tommaso Usberti (France/Italy/Germany)
Production: Ninon Chapuis for Rezo Productions/L’heure d’été
23-year-old Guido has grown up in modern-day, rural Lombardy. Behind his lack of self-confidence and aggressiveness, he’s a sensitive and tormented boy. 
When he’s not working at his father's garage, he hunts deer with his friends. One evening, he meets 17-year-old Sonia, from Albania, in a nightclub, but neither he nor his family are ready to accept a relationship with a foreigner...

La mer et ses vagues - Liana Kassir (France/Lebanon/Cyprus)
Production: Alexandre Singer for Kafard Films
One night in a city in crisis, an old lighthouse keeper called Selim and a runaway teenager named Najwa look for a way out to sea. Everyone knows you have to leave everything behind in order to reach the sea lane and perhaps seize your chance to start again.

Le mystère du Quijat - Juan Manuel Chumilla-Carbajosa (Spain)
Production: Kinos Klan P.C.
A famous theatre actor (Rafael Álvarez, “El Brujo”) loses his mind trying to stage Don Quixote de La Mancha, just as Alonso Quijano went mad reading books about chivalry. His obsession is to demonstrate the novel’s Arab origins.

Le pont - Walid Mattar (Tunisia)
Production: Ikbel Tlili for Fakroun Prod
Three young people appear in a rap music video shoot. They discover a packet of cocaine. They decide to sell it. They start off in a nightclub but are discovered by the manager, He offers to buy it all, but the deal doesn't go as planned.

Un huitième - Khedija Lemkecher (Tunisia)
Production: Moslah Kraïem for Cercina films
Old lady Zohra lives hidden away at home, harassed by bailiffs. Her sons-in-law want her out of her home as the Sharia law on inheritance only accords wives an eighth of inherited assets. Zohra leads a battle to fight this unfair law.

Yalla ! - Tamer Ruggli (Switzerland/France/Egypt)
Production: Samir Jamal Al Din for Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion
Diagnosed with cancer, 58-year-old Béa decides to return to Egypt to reunite with a group of childhood friends having left for Switzerland over thirty years earlier, and to embark on a final journey aboard a minibus driving alongside the Red Sea with her friends and her son, 31-year-old Tarek. Dancing, singing, drinking, they celebrate their newfound friendship, while Tarek, a young, westernized gay man, discovers the hypocrisy of Egyptian morals.

Youssef & Nejma - Olivier Coussemacq (France/Morocco)
Production: Mohamed Nadif for Awman Productions
Teenagers Youssef and Nejma run away from an orphanage. An inspired and placid poet, he wants to believe in the possibility of living several lives while she, socially rebellious, wants to find happiness in the here and the now. Irreconcilable differences these may be, yet various fateful signs along their journey hint at a destiny of never-ending love.

Le 67e été - Abu Bakr Shawky (France/Egypt/Germany/Austria)
Production: Julie Viez for Cinenovo
In a society prone to divisions, a young man who dreams of becoming a pianist starts writing letters to a young woman in a far-off country. Through their correspondence, they forge a friendship which overcomes a complicated world.

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(Translated from French)

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