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COTTBUS 2022 Connecting Cottbus

Connecting Cottbus reveals its line-up for 2022


- Thirteen projects in development and six works in progress are to be pitched at the 24th edition of the German industry event

Connecting Cottbus reveals its line-up for 2022
Director Minos Nikolakakis, who is taking part in cocoPITCH with Asphalt

The 24th edition of the connecting cottbus (coco) East-West co-production market will take place from 9-11 November, mainly on site at the FilmFestival Cottbus, with some additional online components. This year, coco presents an exciting line-up of 19 feature-film projects from 16 countries in wider Eastern Europe, which will be pitched and will be competing for a variety of awards. The producers and directors will take part in in-depth feedback sessions with industry experts during the cocoLAB, while all participants can join networking events and attend a programme focused on current co-production topics.

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Several films by recent coco alumni have had successful premieres and have won awards at prominent film festivals. The list includes Marina Er Gorbach’s Klondike [+see also:
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interview: Maryna Er Gorbach
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, which won the Best Directing Award at Sundance, and The Word [+see also:
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interview: Beata Parkanová
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by Beata Parkanová, which won the Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary, besides other titles like Maksym Nakonechnyi’s Butterfly Vision [+see also:
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, Ana Jadowska’s Woman on the Roof [+see also:
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and Michal Blaško’s Victim [+see also:
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The cocoPITCH selection comprises debut works by up-and-coming filmmakers alongside new film projects by award-winning directors. The organisers promise a highly diverse roster, while “a few examples of common ground include a struggle with socio-political realities (at the workplace, against the judicial system), the crisis in values when tradition and modernity intersect (an ancient burial ritual, buildings with a past, family roles challenged), and expectations placed on women and their bodies (and on one male pregnant body, too)”. This year’s selection includes projects like Minos NikolakakisAsphalt, Beata Parkanová’s Black Blood, Nikola Ljuca’s Fires, Borbála Nagy’s The Origin of the World and Martin Turk’s Washed and Buried, as well as Supermarket by Nermin Hamzagić and Spite by Andrijana Stojković.

The line-up of cocoWiP, intended for works in progress, features “energetic tales of urbanity (both in period and in contemporary settings), teenagers coming of age, unusual friendships and a lying husband”, according to the organisers. Films by Balázs Dudás (Blazing), Parta Kelmendi (Era) and Jasna Nanut (Seventh Heaven [+see also:
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) are among the selected projects.

Here is the full list of projects:


AsphaltMinos Nikolakakis (Greece/Slovenia)
Producers: Minos Nikolakakis, Vassilis Economou, Vicky Miha, Boštjan Virc
Production companies: Asphalt, asterisk*, Studio Virc

Black BloodBeata Parkanová (Czech Republic)
Producer: Ondřej Zach
Production company: Ozet Film

DeconstructionPavel G Vesnakov (Bulgaria/Italy)
Producers: Veselka Kirykova, Luigi Chimienti, Alessandro Amato
Production companies: Red Carpet, Dispàrte

DolphinSonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska (Poland)
Producer: Magdalena Sztorc
Production company: Before My Eyes
Winner of the MIDPOINT – coco Award (MIDPOINT Feature Launch)

FiresNikola Ljuca (Montenegro/Italy/Serbia/Croatia)
Producers: Bojana Radulović, Manuela Buono, Nikolina Vučetić Zečević, Vanja Sremac
Production companies: Code Blue Production, Slingshot Films, Biberche, Terminal 3

InheritanceStanislav Bytiutskyi (Ukraine)
Producers: Valeria Sochyvets, Inna Lastochkina
Production company: Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema

MaricelElias Demetriou (Cyprus/Greece)
Producers: Monica Nikolaidou, Maria Drandaki
Production companies: Filmblades, Homemade Films

The Origin of the WorldBorbála Nagy (Hungary/Germany)
Producers: Petra Iványi, Margarita Amineva-Jester
Production companies: Lupa Pictures, Voices Films

RedLiviu Săndulescu (Romania)
Producer: Ioana Iancu
Production company: The East Company Productions

SupermarketNermin Hamzagić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Producers: Adis Djapo, Amra Bakšić Čamo
Production company: SCCA/
Winner of the Special Pitch Award FilmFestival Cottbus

SpiteAndrijana Stojković (Serbia)
Producer: Mirko Bojović
Production company: Baboon Production

StateNikon Romanchenko (Ukraine)
Producers: Vika Khomenko, Darya Bassel
Production company: Moon Man

Washed and BuriedMartin Turk (Slovenia/Italy)
Producer: Ida Weiss
Production company: Bela Film


Almost Entirely a Slight DisasterUmut Subaşi (Turkey)
Producer: Cemre Erül
Production company: Yunik Film

BlazingBalázs Dudás (Hungary)
Producers: Adam Farkas, Zoltán Mártonffy, Zsuzsanna Gyurin
Production company: CineSuper

EraParta Kelmendi (Kosovo/North Macedonia)
Producers: Aferdita Saracini Kelmendi, Maria Dimitrova, Belma Bajrami
Production companies: Nam Creative, List Production, Company 21

Seventh HeavenJasna Nanut (Croatia)
Producer: Hrvoje Osvadić
Production company: Petnaesta Umjetnost

When You Are 17Giorgi Mukhadze (Georgia/Germany)
Producers: Giorgi Kobalia, Titus Kreyenberg
Production companies: Terra Incognita Films, unafilm

Where Elephants Go [+see also:
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film profile
Gabi Virginia Şarga, Cătălin Rotaru (Romania)
Producer: Gabriela Suciu
Production companies: Green Cat Film, Atelier de Film
Winner of the Transilvania Pitch Stop – coco Award

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