Que Dios nos perdone (2016)
Suntan (2016)
On the Other Side (2016)
The War Show (2016)
La Fille inconnue (2016)
O ornitólogo (2016)
La próxima piel (2016)
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Country Focus: Bélgica

Ficha de país: Bélgica

General data for 2009 (*2008 )
inhabitants: 10.666.866*
GDP: $376bn*
annual total admissions: 21,922,504
average admission per inhabitant: 2,055
number of screens/cinemas: 491/103
number of inhabitants per screen: 21,725
number of multiplexes: 26
average ticket price: 6.10€
Production (info for feature films only)
Films produced (including co-productions):39
co-productions: 30
Film funding from main national film institution: €32,500,000
TV investments in film financing: €9,935,000 (Wallonia)
Total films released (only first run): 457
local films released (only first run): 27 maj/12min
local films market share: 10.48 %
US films market share: 54.82% (Brussels)
most successful local film: The Misfortunates (425,000 admissions - Flemish film); Les Barons (108,000 admissions - French-speaking movie)
most successful international film: Ice Age 3 (936,000 admissions)
Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF)
Le Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel
Flanders Image
Wallonie Bruxelles Images (WBI)
Tax Shelter

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