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by Elena Trapé


Blog is the surprising tale of a group of teenagers, 15 year-old middle-upper class girls who are well educated, smart, sensitive and savvy. A group of youngsters with a secret plan and a shared purpose, something they believe to be an absolute goal and a universal truth: the need to experience strong emotions to set them apart from the rest.

original title: Blog
country: Spain
sales agent: Latido Films
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Elena Trapé
film run: 88'
screenplay: Elena Trapé, Lluís Segura, Tomàs Aragay
cast: Candela Antón, Anna Castillo, Lola Errando, Sara Gómez, Lidia Torrent, Irene Trullén, Alada Vila
cinematography by: Bet Rourich
film editing: Liana Artigal
music: Sara Gómez, Maik Maier
producer: Sergi Casamitjana, Aintza Serra, Lita Roig
production: Escándalo Films

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