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by Valeska Grisebach


Nicole is fourteen years old and she is in love for Christopher, one of the celebrities of the neighborhood. They attempt to realize the ideas of love they have formed by observing adults. But things are not as simple as they may seem...

international title: Be My Star
original title: Mein Stern
country: Germany, Austria
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Valeska Grisebach
film run: 65'
release date: BE 15/10/2001, IT 22/11/2001, DE 03/01/2002, AT 30/01/2002, NL 30/01/2002, CZ 11/07/2002
screenplay: Valeska Grisebach, David Keller
cast: Nicole Gläser, Christopher Schöps, Monique Gläser, Jeanine Gläser, Sebastian Rinka, Christina Sandke
cinematography by: Bernhard Keller
film editing: Anja Salomonowitz
art director: Beatrice Schulz
costumes designer: Barbro Hartmann
producer: Inge Classen
production: Filmakademie Wien, Hochschule für Film & Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf"

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