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by Cristi Puiu


Larry, a neurologist at the top of his career, and his wife, are attending a family meal in Bucharest to commemorate the death of his father, who died 40 days earlier.All the guests are waiting for the priest’s arrival. In the meantime, they argue about the 9/11 events.Larry tries to calm down the debate but opinions are so divided that not even the priest’s fl ying visit succeeds in reconciling the two camps.Just when things seem to be settling down, the arrival of an uninvited guest throws the commemoration into turmoil, which gradually deteriorates into an operatic settling of scores.

international title: Sieranevada
original title: Sieranevada
country: Romania, France, Croatia
sales agent: Elle Driver
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Cristi Puiu
film run: 173'
release date: FR 3/08/2016
screenplay: Cristi Puiu
cast: Mimi Brănescu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Judith State, Tatiana Lekel
cinematography by: Barbu Balasoiu
producer: Anca Puiu, Laurence Clerc, Olivier Thery Lapiney
production: Mandragora, ARTE France Cinéma, Alcatraz Films, Spiritus Movens d.o.o.
backing: CNC Aide aux cinémas du monde - Institut Français, Fonds Eurimages du Conseil de l'Europe, Région Ile-de-France
distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution, Parthénos


main awards/selection

Cannes Film Festival 2016Competition
Transilvania International Film Festival 2016
Moscow International Film Festival 2016
La Rochelle International Film Festival 2016
Busan International Film Festival 2016

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