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by Nader T. Homayoun


Ibrahim walks through the streets of Teheran begging with a newborn baby. He says he’s a widower, but he is waiting for his pregnant wife to join him; in the meanwhile he shares a room with two friends, Fatah and Madjid. Victims of a trick, the three men try to solve the problem looking for the thief and trying to make money, getting in contact more and more with dodgy affairs, in a crescendo of situations and with an unforeseen epilogue.

international title: Teheran
original title: Tehroun
country: Iran, France
sales agent: Memento Films International
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Nader T. Homayoun
release date: FR 14/04/2010
screenplay: Nader T. Homayoun, Jean-Philippe Gaud, Mehdi Boustani
cast: Ali Ebdali, Sara Bahrami, Farzin Mohades, Missagh Zareh, Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh, Rovina Sekhavat, Attila Pessiani, Pejman Bazeghi
cinematography by: Rémi Mazet
film editing: Jean-Philippe Gaud
art director: Massa Azimi
costumes designer: Massa Azimi
music: Christophe Julien, Stéphane Le Bellec
producer: Nader _T. Homayoun | Jean-Philippe _Gaud


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Venice 2009 International Critics’ Week

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