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by Bartek Konopka


The difficult love between a son and his mentally ill father. The father finds it hard to accept the breakdown of his family and shake off memories of the communist regime. Meanwhile, his son enters his father’s world and discovers his past and makes the painful journey towards discovering his identity.

international title: Fear of Falling
original title: Lęk wysokości
country: Poland
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Bartek Konopka
screenplay: Piotr Borkowski, Bartek Konopka
cast: Krzysztof Stroiński, Michal Dorocinski
cinematography by: Piotr Niemyjski
film editing: Jacek Barzan
art director: Elwira Pluta
costumes designer: Katarzyna Lewińska
producer: Jacek Bromski, Dariusz Gajewski, Ewa Jastrzêbska
production: Munk Studio

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