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by Doru Nițescu


In a small village close to the mountains, Mariana and Puiu are a young family with two children: Carmen and Mircea. One morning, the mother and the ten year-old daughter leave for Bucharest, having a hospital as their destination. One doctor alone, Sitaru, believes that Carmen, who can no longer smile, stands any chances at survival. He believes he can perform a miracle and save Carmen's life. Struggling for her daughter, abandoned by almost everybody she trusted, Mariana discovers she is pregnant. After dr. Sitaru operates on the little girl, in a risky manner, Carmen begins to feel increasingly worse. Without any hope, Mariana leaves the hospital and rushes to take Carmen home: while one life ends, another one begins to flicker.

international title: Carmen
original title: Carmen
country: Romania
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Doru Nițescu
film run: 89'
release date: RO 24/01/2013
screenplay: Tudor Voican, Doru Nițescu
cast: Adrian Titieni, Doru Ana, Iulia Lupaşcu, Mimi Brănescu, Rodica Lazăr
cinematography by: Silviu Stavilă
film editing: Dana Bunescu
art director: Bob Nicolescu
costumes designer: Cristina Mititelu
music: Cristian Lolea
producer: Titi Popescu
production: Filmex Romania
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main awards/selection

Sarajevo Film Festival 2013 

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