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by Quentin Dupieux


Jason, a quiet cameraman, dreams of directing his first horror movie. Bob Marshal, a wealthy producer, accepts to finance his movie on one condition: Jason has 48 hours to find the perfect scream in the history of film. During his search, Jason gradually gets lost in a nightmare.

international title: Reality
original title: Réalité
country: France, Belgium
sales agent: Indie Sales
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Quentin Dupieux
film run: 87'
release date: FR 18/02/2015, BE 25/02/2015
screenplay: Quentin Dupieux
cast: Alain Chabat, Jonathan Lambert, Elodie Bouchez, Kyla Kenedy
cinematography by: Quentin Dupieux
film editing: Quentin Dupieux
art director: Joan Le Boru
costumes designer: Jamie Bresnan
producer: Diane Jassem, Kevin Van der Meiren
production: Realitism Films
distributor: Diaphana Distribution, O'Brother Distribution

main awards/selection

Venice Film Festival 2014 Orizzonti
Fribourg International Film Festival 2015 
Istanbul Film Festival 2015 
Vienna International Film Festival 2015 

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