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by Krzysztof Zanussi


When we first meet Angelo, a dashing young Italian, he is deeply in love with Kasia, a Polish woman who, despite the entreaties of both Angelo and her father, has decided to become a nun. Neither man can conceive of why she has chosen this path, but she remains determined. Holding out hope that he can sway her, Angelo moves to a city near the convent where Kasia is preparing to take her vows. He gets hired by a successful new company where he attracts the attentions of his ambitious and extremely attractive boss, Kris — a woman who will stop at nothing to reach the top.

international title: Foreign Body
original title: Obce Cialo
country: Poland, Italy, Russian Federation
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Krzysztof Zanussi
film run: 117'
screenplay: Krzysztof Zanussi
cast: Riccardo Leonelli, Agnieszka Grochowska, Agata Buzek, Weronika Rosati
cinematography by: Piotr Niemyjski
film editing: Milenia Fiedler
art director: Joanna Macha
music: Wojciech Kilar
producer: Krzysztof Zanussi, Janusz Wachala, Irena Strzalkowska
production: Studio Filmowe TOR, Revolver


main awards/selection

Toronto International Film Festival 2014
L'Europe autour de l'Europe 2015

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