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by Zbigniew Libera


Libera’s film is a snapshot of an imaginary paradise: the director paints the portrait of an ideal tribe, described as "a sort of achievement of the dream of hippies to return to nature, a Slavic version of Avatar". The members of the tribe, who are handsome, young and immortal, live in their idyllic world until they are paid a visit by an outsider, a representative of civilisation: Walser.

original title: Walser
country: Poland
sales agent: Balapolis
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Zbigniew Libera
film run: 78'
screenplay: Zbigniew Libera, Grzegorz Jankowicz
cast: Gustaw Klyszcz, Krzysztof Stroiński, Joanna Wiktorczyk, Andrzej Borowski
cinematography by: Adam Sikora
film editing: Beata Walentowska
costumes designer: Ilona Binarch
music: Robert Piotrowicz
producer: Magdalena Kamińska, Agata Szymanska
co-producer: Paweł Potoroczyn, Krzysztof Dudek, Remigiusz Przelozny, Jacek Kulczycki
production: Balapolis, Studio Produkcyjne Orka, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Polish National Centre for Culture, Film District
backing: Polish Film Institute


main awards/selection

T-Mobile New Horizons IFF 2015Official Competition

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