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by Irena Skoric


The most popular children's magazine in Yugoslavia was called Modra lasta (Blue Swallow). In 1969, it created Lastan. For hundreds of thousands of children Lastan was a mythical hero who helped unhappy and confused little souls. Each child imagined him differently and felt confident to share with him what they could not confess to anyone else: Dear Lastan, I kissed him, am I pregnant?; Dear Lastan, I fell in love with a boy from my class... For decades Lastan was a legend and the best kept secret in journalism. This film, for the first time after almost five decades, reveals his true identity. 

international title: Dear Lastan!
original title: Dragi Lastane!
country: Croatia
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Irena Skoric
film run: 85'
release date: HR 24/02/2014
screenplay: Irena Skoric
cinematography by: Darko Heric
film editing: Silvije Magdic
music: Dalibor Grubacevic
producer: Irena Skoric, Iva Cikojevic
production: Artizana
distributor: Artizana Film

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