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by Emiliano Rocha Minter


Face to face with (and emerging from) a culture in which cruelty and lust are linked in a shocking way, this debut provides an intense, allegorical vision of an apocalyptic Mexico - one we do not, however, get to see. In a derelict building, a brother and sister become fascinated by an older man.

international title: We are the Flesh
original title: Tenemos la Carne
country: Mexico, France
sales agent: Reel Suspects
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Emiliano Rocha Minter
film run: 80'
screenplay: Emiliano Rocha Minter
cast: Noé Hernández, María Evoli, Diego Gamaliel
cinematography by: Yollótl Alvarado
film editing: Emiliano Rocha Minter, Yibrán Asuad
art director: Manuela García
music: Esteban Aldrete
producer: Julio Chavezmontes, Emiliano Rocha Minter, Moisés Cosío
co-producer: Yann Gonzalez, Sebastián Hofmann, Natalia López, Carlos Reygadas
production: Sedna Films, Piano [MX], Detalle Films [MX], Estudios Splendor Omnia [MX


main awards/selection

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 

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