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by Stefan Liberski


Around John Deveau, lives a band composed of idle rich high society young people. To avoid tediousness, they have alcoholic, drug and soft sex parties. They also play a game called: To Make the Loser Fan Down. Once, Mimmo, who drives a taxi in order to pay for his acting lessons, gets in the Deveau's bunker... Not knowing he is a perfect prey...

international title: Bunker Paradise
original title: Bunker Paradise
country: Belgium, France
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefan Liberski
film run: 105'
release date: BE 12/10/2005, FR 22/03/2006
screenplay: Stefan Liberski
cast: Bouli Lanners, Jean-Paul Rouve, François Vincentelli, Audrey Marnay, Bouli Lanners, Sacha Bourdo, Yolande Moreau, Jean-Pierre Cassel
cinematography by: Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd
film editing: Ewin Ryckaert
art director: Hubert Pouille
costumes designer: Agnès Dubois, Natasha Francotte, Christian Schnezler
music: Casimir Liberski
producer: Patrick Quinet
production: Artémis Productions, Liaison cinématographique, MP Productions, Média Service, RTBF, Be TV, Scope Invest, Climax films, Sienne (BE), TPS, Europacorp (FR)
backing: Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de La Communauté française de Belgique et les Télédistributeurs wallons, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Wallimages, MEDIA
distributor: Cinéart, EuropaCorp (FR)



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