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Frozen City

Frozen City

by Aku Louhimies

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A small-scale drama of Dostoyevskian proportions

Review: Frozen City

A small-scale drama of Dostoyevskian proportions

Aku Louhimies' extrapolation of a taxidriving character from a TV-series is a powerful stand-alone film 

"Civilisation is easily lost"

Interview: Aku Louhimies • Director

"Civilisation is easily lost"

Aku Louhimies talks about his dark tale of divorce and desperation, an intimate portrait of an essentially good young father driven to desperation and accused of an act he cannot remember committing 

"A good script is a good script"

Interview: Markus Selin • Producer

"A good script is a good script"

Producer Markus Selin heads Solar Films, the company responsible for some of Finland's biggest box office hits but also of some of the country's most critically acclaimed films and TV productions 





international title: Frozen City
original title: Valkoinen Kaupunki
country: Finland
year: 2006
directed by: Aku Louhimies
screenplay: Aku Louhimies, Paavo Westerberg, Mikko Kouki
cast: Janne Virtanen, Susanna Anteroinen, Aada Hämes, Santtu Nuutinen, Viivi Hämes

main awards/selection

FIPRESCI Award, Europa Cinemas Label Award, FICC Special Mention, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2006.

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