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Black Field

Black Field

by Vardis Marinakis

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First-time helmer leaves mark on period filmmaking

Review: Black Field

First-time helmer leaves mark on period filmmaking

In his feature debut, Vardis Marinakis delves into a dark period in Greek history, and turns the heart of it into a bright sample of a promising period in Greek cinema 

Action needs sacrifice

Interview: Vardis Marinakis • Director

Action needs sacrifice

After studying with Stephen Frears, Vardis Marinakis is the newest talent to arrive on the Greek film scene and did not become one of the FoG movement’s frontrunners by accident 





international title: Black Field
original title: Mavro livadi
country: Greece
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2009
directed by: Vardis Marinakis
screenplay: Vardis Marinakis
cast: Sofia Georgovassili, Hristos Passalis, Despina Bebedelli, Maria Panouria, Hakan Boyav, Vangelio Andreadaki, Rania Ekonomidou, Despina Kourti

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