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Five Square Meters

Five Square Meters

by Max Lemcke

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Beyond indignation

Review: Five Square Meters

Beyond indignation

A film that makes us laugh and cry in the face of the difficult crisis, in this case the property crisis, thanks to a sharp script, lively directing and some committed actors. 

"We all sensed that the crisis was going to happen"

Interview: Max Lemcke • Director

"We all sensed that the crisis was going to happen"

The director who surprised us with Casual Day attacks today’s contradictions again in Five Square Meters, a tragicomedy which triumphed at the latest edition of the Malaga Film Festival. 

Trailer [ES]


Trailer [ES]


original title: Cinco metros cuadrados
country: Spain
year: 2011
directed by: Max Lemcke
screenplay: Pablo Remón, Daniel Remón
cast: Fernando Tejero, Malena Alterio, Manuel Morón, Secun de la Rosa, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Jorge Bosch

main awards/selection

Malaga Film festival 2011Best film, Best screenplay, Best supporting actor (Jorge Bosch)

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